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Radio Africa - Latin Quarter

Radio Africa

Latin Quarter  

Format: 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 All Media

Genre: pop, reggae, rock

Barcode: 8719262013056

180GR./BEST OF/500 cps orange (lp1) & green (lp2) vinyl

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180GR./BEST OF/500 cps orange (lp1) & green (lp2) vinyl


Latin Quarter were a british band, founded by Steve Skaith, Mike Jones and Richard Wright in 1983. They first split up in 1990, rejoined around 1993 and finally split up in 1998.

Steve Skaith (main vocals, guitar)
Richard Wright (guitar, backing vocals)
Mike Jones (lyrics)
Greg Harewood (1984-1990: bass),
Yona Dunsford (1984-1990: vocals, keyboards)

Carol Douet (1984-1987: vocals, percussion)
Stefe Jeffries (1984-1986: keyboards)
Richard Stevens (1984-1985: drums, percussion)
Martin Lascelles (1986-1987: keyboards)
Dave Charles (1986: drums)
Darren Abraham (1987: drums)


A1  A Slow Waltz For Chile 

A2  Radio Africa 

A3  America For Beginners 

A4  Sandinista 

B1  Burn Again 

B2  Auguste 

B3  Weatherman  

B4  Ed Murrow 

B5  The Colour Scheme 

C1  The Men Below 

C2  Cora 

C3  No Rope As Long As Time 

C4  Race Me Down 

C5  Toulouse 

D1  Nomzamo 

D2  One Feel Swoop  

D3  Nothing Like Velvet 

D4  Swimming Against The Stream 



CD, Vinyl


Music On Vinyl, Camden


Europe, UK & Europe


1997, 2020


Steve Jeffries,Richie Stevens,Martin Lascelles,Greg Harewood,Yona Dunsford,Richard Wright (2),Steve Skaith,Carol Douet,Mike Jones (11)

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