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Techarí - Ojos de Brujo

Format: 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 All Media

Genre: electronic, latin, Hip Hop, Rumba, Flamenco, Tribal

Barcode: 8437006823043


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Originally more of a collective than a band, the Barcelona-based flamenco fusion group Ojos de Brujo, which translates to Eyes of the Wizard, came together in the mid-'90s when guitarist Ramon Giménez began playing with likeminded experimental musicians like singer Marina "La Canillas" Abad and percussionist Xavi Turull, trying to find out what kind of sound they could create. In 1999, as an official group, Ojos de Brujo issued their first album, a completely self-produced and self-recorded release, Vengue. With a lineup that consisted of Giménez; Abad; turntablist DJ Panko; percussionists Sergio Ramos, Turull, and Maxwell Wright; and guitarist Paco Lomeña, Ojos de Brujo went on to record (again, all aspects of the process were done by the band) 2002's Barí, which was followed by an extensive world tour. Besides increasing their fan base, the tour also introduced them to other musicians from around the world. These meetings inspired the bandmembers to continue developing their sound, and their next album, 2006's Techarí, saw the inclusion of Cuban trumpet player Carlos Sarduy.


1  Color  03:53

2  Sultanas De Merkaíllo  03:31

3  Todo Tiende  04:28

4  Runalí  04:20

5  El Confort No Reconforta  03:46

6  Tanguillos Marineros  03:18

7  Silencio  04:10

8  No Somos Máquinas  03:35

9  Bailaores  03:05

10  Corre Lola Corre  04:00

11  Feedback  03:04

12  Piedras Vs. Tanques  03:18

13  Respira  03:23

14  Nana  09:03

Video-1  Todo Tiende | Videoclip  03:35

Video-2  Piedras Vs. Tanques Mix | Animación  04:52

Video-3  No Sin Alas | Graffiti  04:21

Video-4  Mi Habana Sana | Documental  13:02

Fotos-1  Grabación Techarí 

Fotos-2  Habana 





Diquela Records, Zafra Música


Mexico, Spain, United States of America, Europe


2005, 2006, 2010


DJ Panko,Marina Abad,Eldys Isak 'Muñeco' Vega,Xavi Turull,Maxwell Wright,Sergio Ramos,Paco Lomeña,Francisco Gabas,Ramón Giménez,Daniel Carbonell,Javier Martin

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