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Call of The Void - Void Cruiser

Call of The Void

Void Cruiser  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock, Alternative Rock, Stoner Rock, Shoegaze, Post-Metal

Barcode: 8076022270112


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Void Cruiser has always been there. Only now the crew have awakened from their cryogenic sleep and they are on a holy quest. A quest for groove and the massive resonance.

The Crew:
Vili Salo
Teemu Rantanen
Santeri Salo
Lassi Tähtinen


1  Dragon's Tail   05:34

2  The Overgrower   06:12

3  Happiness  06:51

4  Woe   07:02

5  Sleep Through Winter   04:11

6  Wiser Men   07:01

7  Pariah   05:28

8  When Gravity Pulls   06:39







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