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Echoes - Fire! Orchestra

Format: 3 Vinyl, 1 Box Set

Genre: jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Avant-garde Jazz

Barcode: 7033660032312


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Fire! Orchestra is the group Fire! (Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin) originally combined with other musicians from the scandinavian free jazz, noise and improvisation scenes, but later on taking musicians from across the globe.


A1  ECHOES: I See Your Eye, Part 1 

A2  ECHOES: Forest Without Shadows 

B1  ECHOES: To Gather It All. Once. 

B2  Sliding Whisper Of Pain 

C1  ECHOES: Lost Eyes In Dying Hand 

C2  Welcoming You. Drinking Your Dream. 

D1  ECHOES: A Lost Farewell 

D2  Nothing Astray. All Falling 

E1  In Those Veins. A Silvernet. 

E2  ECHOES: Cala Boca Menino 

E3  Double Loneliness 

F1  Respirations 

F2  Not Yet Born. The Blind Courage Of Life 

F3  ECHOES: I See Your Eye, Part 2 







Oren Ambarchi,Per 'Texas' Johansson,Goran Kajfes,Andreas Berthling,Johan Berthling,Joe Williamson,Mats Gustafsson,Sören Runolf,Martin Hederos,Per Åke Holmlander,Dan Berglund,Jonas Kullhammar,Magnus Broo,Fredrik Ljungkvist,Sten Sandell,Raymond Strid,Lotte Anker,Reine Fiske,Martin Küchen,David Stackenäs,Leo Svensson,Tomas Hallonsten,Johan Holmegard,Joachim Nordwall,Hild Sofie Tafjord,Christer Bothén,Thomas Gartz,Will Guthrie,Emil Strandberg,Andreas Söderström,Simon Ohlsson,Emil Svanängen,Maria Bertel,Katt Hernandez,Mariam Wallentin,Andreas Werliin,Joel Grip,Anna Lindal,Torbjörn Zetterberg,Mette Rasmussen,Mats Äleklint,Niklas Barnö,Sofia Jernberg,Anna Högberg,Mads Forsby,Finn Loxbo,Alexander Zethson,Susana Santos Silva,Elin Larsson,Edvin Nahlin,Julien Desprez,Josefin Runsteen,Elsa Bergman,Isak Hedtjärn

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