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A Song About A Girls - Zita Swoon

A Song About A Girls

Zita Swoon  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: blues, rock, Acoustic

Barcode: 5412690314308




Belgian collective located in Antwerp with Stef Kamil Carlens as artistic leader and musical director starting in 1993. The band has many connections with theatre, visual arts, dance and literature.

Zita Swoon is the continuation of the bands A Beatband and Moondog Jr.. Moondog Jr. had to change their name after the US artist Louis T. Hardin (Moondog (2)) had filed a lawsuit against the so-called use of this name. Moondog Jr. became then Zita Swoon.


1  Me & Josie On A Saturday Night  03:55

2  Intrigue  03:57

3  Hey You, Watshadoing?  04:13

4  Selfish Girl  03:49

5  De Quoi A Besoin L'Amour?  04:56

6  Sad Water  06:05

7  Clair Obscure  03:13

8  Josiesomething  04:37

9  Thinking About You All The Time  04:19

10  100  02:36

11  Individu Animal  03:37

12  Remember To Withhold  04:29



CD, Vinyl


Chikaree Records


Belgium, France




Bjorn Eriksson,Benjamin Boutreur,Stef Kamil Carlens,Aarich Jespers,Tom Pintens,Tomas de Smet,Leonie Gysel,Joris Caluwaerts,Kapinga Gysel,Hugo Boogaerts,Amel Serra Garcia,Eva Gysel,Wim De Busser

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