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With The Wild Crowd! (Live In Athens, GA) - The B-52's

With The Wild Crowd! (Live In Athens, GA)

The B-52's  

Format: 1 Blu-ray

Genre: pop, rock

Barcode: 5051300508579

live in athens, Georgia 2011

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live in athens, Georgia 2011


American New Wave / Art Pop band formed in Athens, Georgia, USA in 1976.
Kate Pierson (b. 27 April 1948, Weehawken, New Jersey, USA; organ/vocals)
Cindy Wilson (b. 28 February 1957, Athens, Georgia, USA; guitar/vocals)
Ricky Wilson (b. 19 March 1953, Athens, Georgia, USA d. 12 October 1985; guitar)
Fred Schneider (b. 1 July 1951, Newark, New Jersey, USA; keyboards/vocals)
Keith Strickland (b. 26 October 1953, Athens, Georgia, USA; drums. Later switched to guitar after Ricky Wilson's passing.)


1  Pump 

2  Private Idaho 

3  Mesopotamia  

4  Ultraviolet  

5  Dancing Now * 

6  Give Me Back My Man 

7  Funplex  

8  Whammy Kiss 

9  Deadbeat Club 

10  Roam 

11  52 Girls 

12  Party Out Of Bounds  

13  Love In The Year 3000 

14  Cosmic Thing  

15  Hot Corner  

16  Love Shack 

17  Wig 

18  Strobe Light 

19  Planet Claire  

20  Rock Lobster  

21  Interview With The B-52s 



CD, DVD, Blu-ray


Eagle Records, Shock , Eagle Vision, EV Classics, Ward Records, Osprey Records, ST2 Music Ltda.


Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, United States of America, Europe, UK & Europe, North America (inc Mexico)


2011, 2012, 2013, 2016


Fred Schneider,Kate Pierson,Cindy Wilson,Keith Strickland,Ricky Wilson (3)

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