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Goodbye - Ulrich Schnauss

Format: 2 Vinyl

Genre: electronic, rock, Downtempo, Shoegaze

Barcode: 5051083142809




German producer of ethereal electronic music which calls to mind such diverse influences as Chapterhouse, My Bloody Valentine and LFO. After much unsigned work under some aliases, the CCO label saw fit to release his debut mini-album, "Far Away Trains Passing By". The album became a critical hit and gained more and more listeners through the next couple years as it seeped into the far East and America. Due to strong word-of-mouth and a devoted following, his follow-up album, "A Strangely Isolated Place", was an even bigger hit. He has also started branching out with collaborations and remixes with Longview, Mojave 3, I'm Not A Gun, Justin Robertson, The Zephyrs, and more.


A1  Never Be The Same 

A2  Shine 

A3  Stars 

B1  Einfeld 

B2  Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 

B3  A Song About Hope 

C1  Medusa 

C2  Goodbye 

C3  In Between The Years 

D1  Love Forever 

D2  Look At The Sky 

D3  For Good 



CD, CDr, Vinyl, File


Not On Label, Domino, Independiente, Scripted Realities


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Europe, UK & Europe, USA & Europe


2007, 2008, 2020


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