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Jeb Loy - Jeb Loy Nichols

Format: 1 CD

Genre: Funk / Soul

Barcode: 5050580759992


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American singer-songwriter, writer and artist, born in Wyoming. He moved to England in the 1980s and is currently living in Wales.


1  The World Loves A Fool  03:05

2  We Gotta Work On It  03:43

3  I Just Can't Stop  03:32

4  My Love  04:12

5  Like A Rainy Day  04:42

6  Help Me Along  03:42

7  Not There Yet  03:33

8  Living It Up  04:22

9  Cry Me Another One  03:41

10  Can't Cheat The Dance  03:29



Vinyl, CD


Timmion Records






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