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Solo - Toyah



Format: 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 Box Set

Genre: electronic, pop, rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Indie Rock, Synth-pop, New Wave, Experimental, Leftfield

Barcode: 5014797901995




Group fronted by Toyah from 1978 to 1983.

Toyah was formed in March 1978 after initially starting out in June 1977, going through a number of line-up changes and a short lived period as Ninth Illusion, before settling on the name of their lead singer Toyah Willcox.

Through 1978 to 1983 the main musicians were:

● Toyah Willcox – vocals (1977–1983)
● Joel Bogen – guitars (1977–1983)
● Pete Bush – keyboards (1977–1980)
● Adrian Lee – keyboards (1981)
● Keith Hale – keyboards (1982)
● Simon Darlow – keyboards (1982, studio only – 1983)
● Mark Henry – bass (1979)
● Charlie Francis – bass (1979–1980)
● Phil Spalding – bass (1980–1983)
● Steve Bray – drums (1979–1980)
● Nigel Glockler – drums (1981)
● Simon Phillips – drums (1982)


CD1-1  Soldier Of Fortune, Terrorist Of Love 

CD1-2  Don't Fall In Love (I Said) 

CD1-3  Soul Passing Through Soul 

CD1-4  Sympathy 

CD1-5  I'll Serve You Well 

CD1-6  Over Twenty-One 

CD1-7  All In A Rage 

CD1-8  Space Between The Sounds 

CD1-9  School's Out 

CD1-10  World In Action 

CD1-11  America For Beginners 

CD1-12  Vigilante 

CD1-13  Snow Covers The Kiss 

CD1-14  Kiss The Devil 

CD1-15  Don't Fall In Love (I Said) (Extended Mix) 

CD1-16  Soul Passing Through Soul (Extended Mix) 

CD1-17  World In Action (Extended Mix) 

CD1-18  World In Action (Action Mix) 

CD2-1  Echo Beach 

CD2-2  Moonlight Dancing 

CD2-3  Revive The World 

CD2-4  The View 

CD2-5  Moon Migration 

CD2-6  Love's Unkind 

CD2-7  Dear Diary 

CD2-8  Deadly As A Woman 

CD2-9  Goodbye Baby 

CD2-10  When A Woman Cries 

CD2-11  Desire 

CD2-12  Echo Beach (Surf Mix) 

CD2-13  Plenty 

CD2-14  Sun Up 

CD2-15  Re-Entry Into Dance 

CD2-16  Mesmerised 

CD2-17  Lion Of Symmetry 

CD3-1  Hello 

CD3-2  Prostitute 

CD3-3  Wife 

CD3-4  The Show 

CD3-5  Dream House 

CD3-6  Homecraft 

CD3-7  Obsession 

CD3-8  Let The Power Bleed 

CD3-9  Restless 

CD3-10  Falling To Earth 

CD3-11  Jazz Singers In The Trees 

CD3-12  Vale Of Evesham 

CD3-13  Ghosts In The Universe 

CD4-1  Ophelia's Shadow 

CD4-2  The Shaman Says 

CD4-3  Brilliant Day 

CD4-4  Prospect 

CD4-5  Turning Tide 

CD4-6  Take What You Will 

CD4-7  Ghost Light 

CD4-8  The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself 

CD4-9  Homeward 

CD4-10  Lords Of The Never Known 

CD4-11  Harlequin (Holy Day) 

CD4-12  Broken Special (The Island) 

CD4-13  Face The Space (Vocal Version) 

CD4-14  Symbiotic 

CD5-1  Now I'm Running 

CD5-2  Lust For Love 

CD5-3  Invisible Love 

CD5-4  Name Of Love 

CD5-5  Winter In Wonderland 

CD5-6  God Ceases To Dream 

CD5-7  IEYA 

CD5-8  Waiting 

CD5-9  Neon Womb 

CD5-10  Elusive Stranger 

CD5-11  Our Movie 

CD5-12  Thunder In The Mountains 

CD5-13  I Wanna Be Free 

CD5-14  It's A Mystery 

CD5-15  Requite Me (Demo) 

CD5-16  Invisble Love (Demo) 

CD5-17  Waiting (Alternate Mix) 

CD5-18  It's A Mystery (Weybridge Mix) 

CD6-1  Tears For Ellie (Demo) 

CD6-2  God Ceases To Dream (Remix) 

CD6-3  Poland (One Day On Earth) (Demo) 

CD6-4  Now I'm Running (Remix) 

CD6-5  It's A Mystery (Whispered Elixir Mix) 

CD6-6  Lust For Love (Demo) 

CD6-7  Angel (Demo) 

CD6-8  Rebel Run 

CD6-9  Good Morning Universe 

CD6-10  Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard) 

CD6-11  Desire 

CD6-12  Obsolete 

CD6-13  Danced 

CD6-14  We Are 

CD6-15  Angel & Me 

CD6-16  Believe In You (Demo) 

CD7-1  Every Scar Has A Silver Lining 

CD7-2  Velvet Lined Shell 

CD7-3  Little Tears Of Love 

CD7-4  You're A Miracle 

CD7-5  Mother 

CD7-6  Troublesome Thing 

CD7-7  Experience 

CD7-8  Killing Made Easy 

CD7-9  In Estonia 

CD7-10  Fallen 

CD7-11  Drinking From The Gun 

CD7-12  Nine Hours 

CD7-13  America For Beginners (Nocturne Blue Redux) 

CD7-14  Step Into The New World 

DVD1  Don't Fall In Love (I Said) 

DVD2  Soul Passing Through Soul 

DVD3  Echo Beach 

DVD4  Fallen 

DVD5  Sensational 

DVD6  Interview - Toyah Talks About Her Solo Albums 





Edsel Records


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland




Adrian Lee,Andy Duncan,Simon Phillips,Keith Hale,Phil Spalding,Charlie Francis,Joel Bogen,Toyah Willcox,Nigel Glockler,Mark Henry,Pete Bush,Steve Bray,Simon Darlow

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