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Play To Win (The • Virgin • Albums) - Heaven 17

Play To Win (The • Virgin • Albums)

Heaven 17  

Format: 1 Box Set, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl

Genre: electronic, pop, Synth-pop

Barcode: 5014797898813

the virgin albums

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the virgin albums


Formed as a side project of the British Electric Foundation (B.E.F.), the production company formed by Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware, after their departure from the The Human League in 1980. Known for hit singles such as Temptation & Let Me Go.

The name "Heaven 17" is derived from Stanley Kubrick's movie "A Clockwork Orange", where Heaven 17 is mentioned as one of the hip bands in the record store scene.


1-A1  (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang 

1-A2  Penthouse And Pavement 

1-A3  Play To Win 

1-A4  Soul Warfare 

1-B1  Geisha Boys And Temple Girls 

1-B2  Let’s All Make A Bomb 

1-B3  The Height Of The Fighting 

1-B4  Song With No Name 

1-B5  We’re Going To Live For A Very Long Time 

2-A1  Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry 

2-A2  Who’ll Stop The Rain 

2-A3  Let Me Go 

2-A4  Key To The World 

2-B1  Temptation 

2-B2  Come Live With Me 

2-B3  Lady Ice And Mr Hex 

2-B4  We Live So Fast 

2-B5  The Best Kept Secret 

3-A1  Five Minutes To Midnight 

3-A2  Sunset Now 

3-A3  This Is Mine 

3-A4  The Fuse 

3-A5  Shame Is On The Rocks 

3-B1  The Skin I'm In 

3-B2  Flamedown 

3-B3  Reputation 

3-B4  And That’s No Lie 

4-A1  Contenders 

4-A2  Trouble 

4-A3  Somebody 

4-A4  If I Were You 

4-A5  Low Society 

4-B1  Red 

4-B2  Look At Me 

4-B3  Move Out 

4-B4  Free 

5-A1  Big Square People 

5-A2  Don’t Stop For No One 

5-A3  Snake And Two People 

5-A4  Can You Hear Me? 

5-A5  Hot Blood 

5-B1  The Ballad Of Go Go Brown 

5-B2  Dangerous 

5-B3  I Set You Free 

5-B4  Train Of Love In Motion 

5-B5  Responsibility 



Box Set, CD


Demon Records, Edsel Records






Glenn Gregory,Martyn Ware,Ian Craig Marsh

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