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48:13  Deluxe - Kasabian

48:13 Deluxe


Format: 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 All Media

Genre: rock, Indie Rock, Brit Pop

Barcode: 0888430637726

incl. dvd 'live in leicester'

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incl. dvd 'live in leicester'


English indie rock/electronic rock band founded in Leicester in 1997. Lead singer Tom Meighan left the band by mutual consent on the 6th July 2020 after suffering with personal issues.

Sergio Pizzorno - guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Chris Edwards - bass
Ian Matthews - drums, percussion


CD-1  (Shiva)  01:07

CD-2  Bumblebeee  04:01

CD-3  Stevie  04:45

CD-4  (Mortis)  00:48

CD-5  Doomsday  03:40

CD-6  Treat  06:53

CD-7  Glass  04:48

CD-8  Explodes  04:18

CD-9  (Levitation)  01:19

CD-10  Clouds  04:45

CD-11  Eez-eh  03:00

CD-12  Bow  04:27

CD-13  S.P.S.  04:22

CD-14  Beanz 

CD-15  Gelfling 

DVD-1  (Shiva) 

DVD-2  Bumblebee 

DVD-3  Shoot The Runner 

DVD-4  Underdog 

DVD-5  Fast Fuse 

DVD-6  Days Are Forgotten 

DVD-7  Eez-eh 

DVD-8  Processed Beats 

DVD-9  Stevie 

DVD-10  I.D. 

DVD-11  (The Doberman) 

DVD-12  Take Aim 

DVD-13  Club Foot 

DVD-14  Re-wired 

DVD-15  Treat 

DVD-16  Empire 

DVD-17  Fire 

DVD-18  Switchblade Smiles 

DVD-19  Vlad The Impaler 

DVD-20  Praise You 

DVD-21  L.S.F. 

DVD-22  Summer Solstice: Behind The Scenes 



CD, File, All Media, CDr, Vinyl


Columbia, Sony Records Int'l, Harvest


Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Europe, South East Asia, UK & Europe




Ian Matthews,Christopher Karloff,Sergio Pizzorno,Tom Meighan,Chris Edwards (3)

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