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Turkish Leather - Ritual Howls

Turkish Leather

Ritual Howls  

Format: 1 Vinyl

Genre: rock, Post-Punk, Goth Rock, Deathrock

Barcode: 0843563134009




"Detroit's Paul Bancell, Ben Saginaw and Chris Samuels are Ritual Howls. They collect samples of the physical world and feed them with guitar, vox, bass, synth and drum machines to create an aura of darkness over a pop sensibility. Paul Bancell provides lyrics that Lovecraft would approve of while Chris Samuels and Ben Saginaw provide sounds that bring his macabre tales lurching into the world of the living. Collaboratively, Ritual Howls create a surreal, introspective gloom that could fuel a disco in hell, a soundtrack to your favorite nightmares and most grisly fantasies." (Facebook profile info)


1  Zemmoa  05:29

2  The Taste Of You  04:12

3  Take Me Up  04:25

4  My Friends  05:53

5  Final Service  05:56

6  Helm  05:02

7  No Witnesses  06:07

8  Turkish Leather  05:41



Vinyl, File, CD, Cassette


Felte, Nostilevo


United States of America


2014, 2015, 2021


Paul Bancell,Christopher Samuels,Ben Saginaw

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