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Return Fire - Mörk Gryning

Return Fire

Mörk Gryning  

Format: 1 Vinyl

Genre: rock, Black Metal

Barcode: 0822603259612




A black metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, formed in 1993. Mörk Gryning means "dark dawn" in Swedish.

Goth Gorgon dissolved the band in early 2005 due to a lack of interest in extreme metal. They however reformed soon after to complete their final self-titled album, but after this the band split up. They have been active again from 2016 onwards.


A1  World Of The Dragon  04:05

A2  Supreme Hatred  04:34

A3  The Doom Of Planet Yucnown  05:02

A4  The Surrounding  07:06

A5  Dreams, Sweet Dreams  04:35

B1  No Longer In Wait  04:35

B2  Manhunter  03:58

B3  Return Fire  03:12

B4  Dawn Of The Magic Aeon  02:48

B5  Master Of Fire  03:01

B6  Necrophiliac  04:36



Cassette, CD, Vinyl


Moon Records , Mystic Production, Season Of Mist, No Fashion Records


Japan, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Europe, USA & Europe


1997, 2020


Mattias Eklund,Henrik Hedberg,Carl-Gustaf Bäckström,Fredrik Boëthius,Johan Ljung,Stefan Lundgren,Jonas Berndt,Peter Nagy (3),Henrik Åberg (2),Johan Larsson (16)

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