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ESP 2 - A Tribute To Miles - DJ ESP

ESP 2 - A Tribute To Miles


Format: 1 DVD

Genre: jazz

Barcode: 0807280706598

1994/W/RANDY HALL/ROBERT irving iii

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1994/W/RANDY HALL/ROBERT irving iii


Originally known as DJ Groovespot way way back, this one time long hair Kinko's copy geek and one man circus has walked quite the path and forged a name for himself and the great North. Early rumblings came in the form of a tip sheet. The "Disco Family Plan" editions ran from late 91 up till about late 92 early 93. Contributors included local DJ's; Craig Thran, Mr. E-tones, John Schultz, Kava Supreme, Kevin Cole, Tom Spiegel, Freddy Fresh and eventually branched out with Repete, Adam X and many more from around the surrounding regions.

Kevin Cole played an important part in Woodrow's formative years, including his first big room performance at First Ave. The two produced a series of Depth Probes around the Minneapolis area setting the template for the then blossoming rave scene. Woody later went hard as fuck as the music began to pick up tempo, grit, sheer concussive force and he came to witness the strength in the way Kevin Cole would take a 20k rig and drop it into a room with a legal capacity of 150-200 people and 12 ft. cieling's. Woody picked up the template and wild with it with the now infamous 4D wall that we came to know, love and have probably lost immense amounts of hearing to.

With the music getting harder and faster. Things grew. Woody started playing around the Mid-West, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, etc. even branching off into Milwaukee with a partial promotional role in the infamous Grave Rave; a seminal early meeting of mid-America's then blossoming scene where 962 people were arrested handcuffed and processed. These early days were the pinnacle moments that crystallized the music in a lot of the minds of the current movers and shakers of todays mid-west scene.

Woody eventually dropped out for a bit in 93. But not before his first release with Freddie Fresh on the now long defunct German label "Adam and Eve" and the Earthworm Sings ep on EXperimental. After some phone calls and some heckling from friends. Woody got back up and started playing out again. These events became the foundation for the "More" parties. An impressive string of events followed. Hosting such DJ's as Mr Bill, Jeff Mills, DRC, Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Earth, Apollo, Wade Randolph Hampton, Derrick Carter, Davey Dave, Deadly Buda, Mystic Bill and more. "Further" was another event Woody co-founded with Drop Bass Network and David J. Prince of Reactor magazine. Eventually differing visions became apparent between the early supporters and collaborators of the concept. Further was left to the capable hands and twisted mind of Kurt Eches and the Drop Bass Network. One last meeting of the minds coordinated Even Further 1996, which brought a then still new Daft Punk into a field in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin and also saw the silver suited Mixmaster Morris stay awake the entire weekend and commence a Sunday session that would blow minds completely wide open. The "More" parties died with one last hurrah in 1994 with what boasted to be the largest system then assembled. At some 32-36 ft in height, and equal width. The bass was concussive and wonderful memories of the good ole' days were born.


1  Opening Medley (One Phone Call, Street Scenes, That's What Happened)  09:18

2  Desiree's Desire  10:02

3  Donna Lee − Davis  06:49

4  The Man With The Horn  06:20

5  Ambrosia  06:07

6  Blue'n Green  12:48

7  No News Is Good News  06:48







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