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A Sort Of Homecoming - Anathema

A Sort Of Homecoming


Format: 3 Vinyl

Genre: rock, Prog Rock, Acoustic

Barcode: 0802644888415

180 grams noble vinyl version // includes download card

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180 grams noble vinyl version // includes download card


Liverpool's Anathema, started out in the early '90s as strictly a doom metal outfit, with the requisite growled vocals and the trademark muddy sound, but when original singer Darren White left the band in 1995, with guitarist Vincent Cavanagh taking the reins, Anathema started their slow journey into completely uncharted (and unexpected) territory. In fact, Anathema's metamorphosis over the past decade is one of the most remarkable band transformations in recent memory, as album after album has sounded more and more progressive and melodic, in no small part fueled by Cavanagh's superb singing voice. 2001's A Fine Day to Exit, aided by excellent songs like Release and Pressure, was an artistic breakthrough, as the band completely shed themselves of their metal roots, while still putting out powerful, brooding atmospheric rock.

On 22 September 2020 the band announced that they would go on an indefinite hiatus.


A1  The Lost Song - Part 2  06:39

A2  Untouchable - Part 1  06:29

B1  Untouchable - Part 2  06:25

B2  Thin Air  06:44

B3  Dreaming Light  06:23

C1  Anathema  07:32

C2  Ariel  06:08

C3  Electricity  03:53

D1  Temporary Peace  05:54

D2  The Beginning And The End  05:21

D3  Distant Satellites  08:04

E1  Take Shelter  09:28

E2  Internal Landscapes  07:03

F1  A Natural Disaster  08:45

F2  Fragile Dreams  07:32



Blu-ray, Blu-ray-R, DVD, CD, File, Vinyl


Ward Records, Kscope, Kscope


Japan, Poland, Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Europe




Martin Powell,Rebecca Wilson,Deryk Fullwood,Darren White,Danny Cavanagh,Les Smith,Jamie Cavanagh,Duncan Patterson,Shaun Taylor-Steels,John Douglas (2),Vincent Cavanagh,Lee Douglas (2),Dave Pybus,Daniel Cardoso

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