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The Castells And Beyond (The Gary Usher Productions 1964-1966 Featuring Chuck Girard) - José María Castells

The Castells And Beyond (The Gary Usher Productions 1964-1966 Featuring Chuck Girard)

José María Castells  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: pop

Barcode: 0638170945038

. 1964-1966

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. 1964-1966


Spanish DJ/producer from Barcelona. He began to work in the record world in the Spanish company Max Music in 1986, recording with said company a total of 65 disks of mixtures (Megamixes).
Also it recorded different albums of artists as the author and producing and great quantity of twelve-inch records and remixes of artists of first row.
In parallel was also recording with the companies Max Music U.S.A. (11 disks), Max Music Germany (2 disks), Max Music Brazil (2 disks), Max Music Mexico (7 disks), Max Music & Sony Music Venezuela (3 disks), ZYX Records Germany (1 disk), Code Records Spain (9 disks), Danger Music Spain (4 disks) and Music Net Spain (4 disks).
In summer of 1997 he abandoned Max Music to found with different associates a new Spanish label called Vale Music, recording with that company a total of 48 disks of mixtures and compilations, and different albums of artists as the author and producing and a large quantity of twelve-inch records and remixes of artists, and collaborating in different musical projects based on television, as for example Cronicas Marcianas Mix, Gran Hermano, and especially Operación Triunfo, Collaborating in the musícal selection of the program and in the recording and the development of the careers of Spanish artists as David Bisbal, David Bustamante, etc..
In parallel recorded numerous projects with the companies Vale Music & Fonovisa Mexico (6 disks), Vale Music Mexico(4 disks), Sony Music Latin U.S.A. (2 disks), Vidisco Portugal (1 disk), Ovacao Portugal (7 disks), Open Records Spain (1 disk), and the prestigious club of dj's Music Factory, with a megamix exclusive for their disk number 100.
In summer of 2002, goes to Brazil to direct the company Vale Music & BMG Music Brazil and the television program FAMA (Operacion Triunfo) in Rede Globo TV.
In 2003, abandons Vale Music, to found and to direct the new Spanish company Filmax Music, recording 7 disks compilations and numerous albums of artists, Beginning also a new project of productions dance called Castells Project.
In summer of 2004, leaves Spain to be directed to Brazil, where at present this carrying out numerous musical projects with Sony BMG Music and television with Rede Globo TV.
To principles of 2008, the sales reckoned of their disks elevate to but of 32.5 million disks, being number 1 with different disks in countries as Spain, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and U.S.A.


1  I Do  01:52

2  Teardrops  02:51

3  Could This Be Magic  02:31

4  Shinny Up Your Own Side  02:27

5  Tell Her If I Could  02:27

6  Love Finds A Way  01:54

7  An Angel Cried  02:17

8  Just Walk Away  02:20

9  Life Goes On  02:23

10  I Thought You'd Like That  02:42

11  Remember Me Baby (Unreleased)  02:10

12  Little Gold Digger (Unreleased Demo)  02:06

13  Just Walk Away (Alternate Take)  02:24

14  A Go-Go Getter  01:52

15  The Way I Used To Be  02:05

16  Girl Don't Tell Me  02:17

17  How To Be Your Guy  01:45

18  You're What's Happening Baby  02:48

19  Home Town Girls  02:38

20  Honda Bike  01:51

21  Freefall  02:14

22  It's All Over Now Baby Blue  02:50

23  Are You Really Real  02:23

24  Come On  01:41

25  A Little Extra Effort  02:06

26  Can't Fool Me Twice  02:29

27  Feel So Fine (Feel So Good)  02:14

28  Harlem Shuffle  02:30

29  I Wish You Didn't Treat Me So Well  02:24

30  Try To Find Another Man (Unreleased Demo)  02:27

31  I Made An Angel Cry (Unreleased Demo)  02:21

32  Shame Girl  01:57

33  I've Got Plans  02:04

34  He's Hurtin' Me  02:24







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