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The Red Planet - Rick Wakeman

The Red Planet

Rick Wakeman  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock, Prog Rock, Symphonic Rock

Barcode: 0636551818926

incl. 20pg booklet

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incl. 20pg booklet


English keyboard player, composer and songwriter born May 18, 1949 in Perivale, Middlesex, England.
Founder of Hope Records (6) and Music Fusion.


1  Ascraeus Mons  05:54

2  Tharsis Tholus  06:15

3  Arsia Mons  06:10

4  Olympus Mons  05:20

5  The North Plain  06:54

6  Pavonis Mons  07:13

7  South Pole  07:35

8  Valles Marineris  10:03



Vinyl, CD


Madfish, RRAW, R&D Multimedia , R&D Media


Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland




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