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Everything Under The Sun - Sublime

Everything Under The Sun


Format: 3 CD, 1 DVD, 1 Box Set

Genre: punk, reggae, rock, Ska, Dub

Barcode: 0602517003729




An influential California punk/ska rock band, existed between 1988 and 1996.

Sublime disbanded after their singer Brad Nowell died of a heroin overdose on 25th May 1996, only two months before their self-titled album was released. In 2009, the surviving members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson attempted to reform Sublime with Rome Ramirez as their new singer and guitarist, but due to a lawsuit, the band was forced to change their name to Sublime With Rome.


CD1-1  Roots Of Creation  04:25

CD1-2  Ebin (O.G.)  04:12

CD1-3  Ball And Chain  03:41

CD1-4  Date Rape Stylee  04:07

CD1-5  Perfect World  02:27

CD1-6  Johnny Too Bad Freestyle  04:57

CD17  Smoke Two Joints  04:18

CD1-8  I'm Not A Loser  01:21

CD1-9  91 Freestyle  03:34

CD1-10  KXLU Interview  00:56

CD1-11  DJ's  04:22

CD1-12  Shame In Dem Game  06:26

CD1-13  Get Out! (Acoustic)  01:27

CD1-14  Angelo  01:28

CD1-15  Mic Control  01:29

CD1-16  Farther I Go  01:40

CD1-17  One Cup Of Coffee / Judge Not  02:07

CD1-18  Lou Makes Friends  02:32

CD1-19  Greatest Hits  03:34

CD1-20  Voodoo (Part 2)  02:42

CD2-1  Youth Are Getting Restless  01:34

CD2-2  Scarlet Begonias  04:06

CD2-3  Right Back  02:54

CD2-4  New Thrash  01:08

CD2-5  Jailhouse  03:07

CD2-6  Pawn Dub  02:50

CD2-7  STP  03:07

CD2-8  Badfish  02:55

CD2-9  House Of Suffering  02:09

CD2-10  We're Only Gonna Die  03:20

CD2-11  Great Stone  04:05

CD2-12  WBCN Interview 1  01:15

CD2-13  Saw Red  01:40

CD2-14  WBCN Interview 2 / Minor Threat  02:48

CD2-15  Legalize It (Dave Aron Mix)  04:19

CD2-16  5446  02:21

CD2-17  All You Need (Ashworth Mix)  02:47

CD2- 18  Foreman Freestyle  04:16

CD2-19  Prophet  01:58

CD2-20  Miami  01:53

CD3-1  Marley Medley  02:16

CD3-2  Paddle Out (Ruff Mix)  01:17

CD3-3  Caress Me Dub  03:30

CD3-4  Foolish Fool  03:47

CD3-5  Westwood One Interview  14:07

CD3-6  89 Vision  02:22

CD3-7  Sweet Little Rosie  04:08

CD3-8  Garden Grove (Take 2)  02:20

CD3-9  Just Another Day  01:10

CD3-10  Prince Of Sin  01:40

CD3-11  I Love My Dog Dub  04:10

CD3-12  At It Again  04:23

CD3-13  Wrong Way (Acoustic)  02:18

CD3-14  New Realization (Acoustic)  02:42

CD3-15  Boss D.J. (Alt Take)  02:39

CD3-16  Real Situation  01:42

CD3-17  Date Rape  03:42

CD3-18  Soundcheck Jam  02:10

CD3-19  Doin' Time (Snoop Time Remix)  04:38

CD3-20  Doin' Time (Tricked Out Life Sentence Remix)  05:50

DVD-1  Don't Push 

DVD-2  Garden Grove 

DVD-3  Right Back 

DVD-4  New Thrash 

DVD-5  Same In The End 

DVD-6  Caress Me Down 

DVD-7  Real Situation 

DVD-8  Atlanta Interview 

DVD-9  Seed 

DVD-10  Saw Red 

DVD-11  Miami 

DVD-12  Hong Kong Phooey 

DVD-13  All You Need 

DVD-14  Mary 

DVD-15  Badfish 

DVD-16  Date Rape 

DVD-17  STP 

DVD-18  Ebin 

DVD-19  Leaving Babylon 

DVD-20  Don't Push 







Marshall Goodman,Eric Wilson,Brad Nowell,Floyd Gaugh

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