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Three Musical Fables - John Rutter

Three Musical Fables

John Rutter  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: classical, Children's

Barcode: 0040888051329

King's SINGERS/THE cambridge singers

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King's SINGERS/THE cambridge singers


British composer, conductor, music arranger and record producer, mainly of religious choral and classical music. Born September 24, 1945 in London.
For the UK electronic music artist please see John Rutter (2)
For the photographer please see Johnnie Rutter


1  Introduction 

2  Rat And Mole Meet: A Life On The River 

3  Scene At Badger's House 

4  Toad's Car 

5  Court Scene 

6  Toad In Gaol: Let Me Tickle Your Fancy 

7  Toad's Song: I've Got Style 

8  The Recapture Of Toad Hall: Let's Wallop A Weasel 

9  The Banquet At Toad Hall 

10  Finale: Home Is A Special Kind Of Feeling 

11  Introduction 

12  Sigismund Sings In The Abbey Choir 

13  Sigismund Is Dismissed 

14  Brother Heinrich And The New Carol 

15  The Angels Appear On Christmas Eve 

16  Brother Heinrich Writes Down The Angels' Carol 

17  Christmas Morning 

18  The Angel's Carol And Christmas Dinner 

19  Introduction 

20  The Boy Visits The Dragon's Cave 

21  The Villagers And St George Arrive 

22  Trio: I Say, Old Boy 

23  Planning The Tournament: First He Waves His Spear Around 

24  The Tournament 

25  Banquet Fugue 

26  Finale: Let's Begin Again 



Cassette, CD


Collegium Records


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, UK & US


1991, 2003


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