Collected Recordings 1983-1989 - Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

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Lloyd Cole & The Commotions  

Formato: 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Box Set

Género: rock, Indie Rock, Country Rock, Brit Pop, Jangle Pop

Ean: 4015698238815

.. 1983-1989

153.37€ Envio: Imediato

.. 1983-1989

A1  Perfect Skin 

A2  Speedboat 

A3  Rattlesnakes 

A4  Down On Mission Street 

A5  Forest Fire 

B1  Charlotte Street 

B2  2cv 

B3  Four Flights Up 

B4  Patience 

B5  Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? 

C1  Rich 

C2  Why I Love Country Music 

C3  Pretty Gone 

C4  Grace 

C5  Cut Me Down 

D1  Brand New Friend 

D2  Lost Weekend 

D3  James 

D4  Minor Character 

D5  Perfect Blue 

E1  My Bag 

E2  From The Hip 

E3  29 

E4  Mainstream 

E5  Jennifer She Said 

F1  Mr. Malcontent 

F2  Sean Penn Blues 

F3  Big Snake 

F4  Hey Rusty 

F5  These Days 

G1  The Sea and The Sand 

G2  You Will Never Be No Good 

G3  Andy’s Babies 

G4  Glory 

G5  Sweetness 

G6  Perfect Blue (Hardiman mix) 

G7  Jesus Said 

G8  Brand New Friend 

H1  From Grace 

H2  Her Last Fling 

H3  Big World 

H4  Nevers End 

H5  Mystery Train (Recorded Live At The World, New York, 1986) 

H6  I Don’t Believe You or (Recorded live at The World, New York, 1986) 

H7  Love Your Wife 

H8  Lonely Mile 

H9  Please 

H10  My Bag (Dancing Mix) 

I1  Patience 

I2  Eat My Words 

I3  Forest Fire 

I4  Perfect Skin 

I5  Poons 

I6  Old Hats 

J1  You Win 

J2  Old Wants Never Gets 

J3  Another Dry Day 

J4  29 

J5  Jennifer She Said 

J6  Hey Rusty 

K1  Down At The Mission 

K2  Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? 

K3  Everyone’s Complaining 

K4  Mr Malcontent 

K5  Jennifer She Said (Polished Rough Mix) 

K6  Hey Rusty 

L1  Perfect Blue 

L2  My Bag 

L3  Mystery Train 

L4  I Don't Believe You 


Box Set, Vinyl


Polydor, Tapete Records


Alemanha, UK, Europe & US


2015, 2020

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