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Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 6 - Various Production

Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 6

Various Production  

Formato: 2 CD, 1 DVD

Género: rock

Ean: 0790692068524


6.81€ Envio: 6-15 dias






CD1-1  Gone So Young  03:23

CD1-2  Break Out! Break Out!  03:05

CD1-3  Tension  03:36

CD1-4  Broken Star Satellite  02:31

CD1-5  For The Ejection Of Rest; They'll Dance  03:31

CD1-6  Schoolyard Crush  03:40

CD1-7  Lullaby  03:38

CD1-8  Crossing The Rubicon  05:07

CD1-9  Radio Waves  02:30

CD1-10  Over The Edge  02:14

CD1-11  Hollywood Reckless At The Knights Of Columbus  02:51

CD1-12  Bring 'Em In Billy (Techno Remix)  04:11

CD1-13  Just Don't (Acoustic)  02:53

CD1-14  Poetically Pathetic (Acoustic)  03:14

CD2-1  Hopeless  02:12

CD2-2  Blink  02:49

CD2-3  You  03:58

CD2-4  All Fall Down  02:10

CD2-5  Doublewhiskeycokenoice  02:21

CD2-6  100 Proof  02:31

CD2-7  Tamara Is A Punk  02:04

CD2-8  Stolen Life  05:37

CD2-9  Diagnosis  02:41

CD2-10  Pestilent Existence  02:18

CD2-11  Maximum Piss & Vinegar  02:18

CD2-12  Aside  03:20

CD2-13  Mud Hill  03:27

CD2-14  T & C  04:01

CD2-15  Undercover, Funny  02:10

CD2-16  Deadbolt  02:59

CD2-17  Darkness Surrounding  04:50

CD2-18  Small Pebble  03:39

CD2-19  Unholy Confessions  04:44

CD2-20  The War (Alt. Version)  03:53

CD2-21  Always You  04:07

CD2-22  Blue Marble  02:30

DVD-1  Poetically Pathetic 

DVD-2  30 Second Spot (Advertisement For The Song "Gone So Young") 

DVD-3  Gone So Young 

DVD-4  Tension 

DVD-5  30 Second Spot (Advertisement For The Song "The Curse") 

DVD-6  The Curse 

DVD-7  New Moon Over Swift Water 

DVD-8  30 Second Spot (Advertisement For The Release "Who Said All Punk Sounds The Same?") 

DVD-9  The War (Alt. Version) 

DVD-10  You 

DVD-11  Over The Edge 

DVD-12  Asian Prodigy 

DVD-13  Deadbolt 

DVD-14  30 Second Spot (Advertisement For The Album "Illusion Of Safety") 

DVD-15  Betrayal Is A Symptom 

DVD-16  Unholy Confessions 

DVD-17  30 Second Spot (Advertisement For The Album "Waking The Fallen") 

DVD-18  We Come Out At Night (Live) 

DVD-19  Undercover, Funny 

DVD-20  Dinkas When I Close My Eyes (Live) 

DVD-21  30 Second Spot (Advertisement For The Release "Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 3") 

DVD-22  Watermark 

DVD-23  Diagnosis 

DVD-24  All My Friends Are Ghosts 

DVD-25  Space Cadet 

DVD-26  Tamara Is A Punk 

DVD-27  A Girl Like You 

DVD-28  I've Won 







Ian Carter,Adam Phillips (2),Steve Whetman,Stuart Kirby

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