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Carnivore Sublime - Benighted
Crush the Sublime Gods - Dr. Living Dead!
The Best Of Sublime - Sublime
Jah Won't Pay The Bills - Sublime
Look At All The Love We Found: A Tribute To Sublime Live - Various Production
Sublime Emptiness - The Holeum
Yours Truly - Sublime With Rome
Sublime Dementia - Loudblast
Icon - Sublime
Crush The Sublime Gods - Dr. Living Dead!
Blessings - Sublime With Rome
The Sublime - Yerûšelem
Stand By Your Van (Live) - Sublime
Sublime Dementia - Loudblast
Sublime Chant: The Scotland Project  - Drill Kitty
Greatest Hits - Sublime
Doin' Time - Sublime
3 Ring Circus (Live At The Palace) - Sublime
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