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Bootleg Detroit - Morphine

Bootleg Detroit


Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock, Alternative Rock

Barcode: 8718627230466

recorded live at the "cure for pain tour", 1994.

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recorded live at the "cure for pain tour", 1994.


Morphine began in 1990 in Cambridge, MA, as a lighthearted experiment in darkness. The band struck a chord in the thriving local music scene, a scene that had nurtured Mark Sandman and Billy Conway's former punk-blues outfit, Treat Her Right, as well as Dana Colley's first group, Three Colors.
The band toured the world, commanding festival audiences of over 50,000 in Europe and headlining New York City's Central Park Summerstage. During a performance July 3rd, 1999 in Palestrina, Italy, Mark Sandman collapsed during the band's eighth song. He was pronounced dead in the ambulance en route to the hospital. He was 46.

Billy Conway and Dana Colley continue working together on their latest project called Twinemen keeping Mark Sandman's legacy alive.


1  Intro  00:19

2  Come Along  04:20

3  Dana Intro  00:14

4  Mary  03:04

5  Banter #1  00:21

6  Candy  03:20

7  Sheila  02:52

8  Billy Intro  00:06

9  Claire  03:11

10  My Brain  01:41

11  Banter #2  00:12

12  Head With Wings  03:32

13  Cure For Pain  03:11

14  You Speak My Language  03:35

15  Thursday  03:02

16  Banter #3  00:14

17  You Look Like Rain  03:31

18  Buena  03:28

19  Cure For Pain 

20  The Saddest Song 





Music On CD, Rykodisc, Rykodisc


Brazil, Bulgaria, Japan, United States of America, Europe


2000, 2001, 2020


Billy Conway,Mark Sandman,Jerome Deupree,Dana Colley

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