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Ottavio - Bandabardò

Format: 1 CD, 1 DVD

Genre: pop, rock

Barcode: 8033055400091


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Bandabardò is an Italian folk band. It was formed in 1993.Bandabardò is noted as a live band.Their album Tre Passi Avanti charted at #7 in Italy the week of its release,and Bondo! Bondo! charted at #10.
Members include Enrico Greppi (vocals and guitar), Alessandro Finazzo (voice and guitar), Marco Bachi (bass), Andrea Orlandini (keyboard), Alessandro Nutini (percussion), and Jose Ramon Caravallo Arma (percussion and trumpet). The band hails from Florence, and members have spoken about the state of live music in their city.


1  Bambino 

2  Bambine Cattive 

3  Timido Tango 

4  Balla Ancora 

5  La Mauvaise Réputation 

6  Lilù Si Sposa 

7  O' Guerriero 'Nnammurato 

8  La Ballata Di Don Gino 

9  Le Ballerine 

10  Senza Parole 

11  Viva La Campagna 

12  La Vedova Begbick 

13  Porto Cabagna 

14  Armistizio 

1  La Nascita Di Ottavio 







Alessandro Finazzo,Marco Bachi,Enrico Greppi,Alessandro Nutini,Andrea Orlandini,Ramon Josè Caraballo

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