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Cinque Minuti E Poi - Maurizio Arcieri

Cinque Minuti E Poi

Maurizio Arcieri  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: pop

Barcode: 8014406650662




Maurizio Arcieri (born 30 April 1943, Milan, Italy - died 29 January 2015, Varese, Italy) was an Italian singer, songwriter and musician.

He was a member of New Dada, a 1960's Italian beat music band, and a member of Krisma (formerly known as Chrisma (2)). He was married to Christina Moser. He was the cousin of composer and bass player Pino Presti.


1  L'Amore E' Blu...Ma Ci Sei Tu (L'Amour Est Bleu - I Can Sing A Rainbow)  03:22

2  Cinque Minuti E Poi  03:13

3  24 Ore Spese Bene Con Amore (Spinning Wheel)  02:35

4  Un' Ora Bastera' (Je Tappellle Encore)  02:42

5  Il Fiore All'Occhiello  02:35

6  Un Giorno Da Re  03:40

7  E Schiaffeggiarti... (Take Me For A Little While)  03:27

8  Il Grigio Nella Mente  02:26

9  Scusa  03:09

10  Stagioni Fuori Tempo (Le Moribond / Seasons In The Sun)  03:26

11  1° Agosto  03:42

12  Juke Box  03:17

13  I Giochi Del Cuore (I'd Love You To Want Me)  03:34

14  Un Dolce Scandalo  03:43







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