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The 1st Sessions - Riot Grrrl Sessions

The 1st Sessions

Riot Grrrl Sessions  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: punk, rock

Barcode: 7350006764455


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Riot Grrrl Sessions is a music project in Stockholm, Sweden where a dozen punk and rock artists join forces in a studio for one weekend to write, rehearse and record the world's first Riot Grrrl Sessions which then will be released upon the world, both on vinyl, cd and streaming services.

Everyone involved in this project from musicians to label to graphic designer to sound engineers etc. are women or transgender people.
these following riot grrrls are for this project:

Nicki of Crucified Barbara & The Heard
Frida of The Baboon Show - Official
Canan of Twin Pigs & Tiger Bell
Agnes of Call Cat
Kajsa Grytt of, well Kajsa Grytt & Tant Strul 2012
Tess of Memoria & Snake
Manuela of Pascal
Klara of Crucified Barbara & The Heard
Hanna of Satirnine
Madde of Snake
Maja of Heavy Tiger
Katja of Drömfakulteten


1  Terror Grrrls 

2  What I Want 

3  Goodbye 

4  Unicorn 

5  Sad And Weak 

6  My Grrrls 

7  Death 

8  I Love To Love Myself 

9  I Was The Only Hell My Mother Raised 

10  I’m Bored 

11  Fuck You 

12  I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast 

13  Grab’Em By The Pussy 



Vinyl, CD


GMR Music Group






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