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Roma - Sorry Boys

Format: 1 CD

Genre: electronic, rock, Alternative Rock

Barcode: 5903427879844


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Sorry Boys is a Polish Warsaw-based alt-pop-rock band. Music reviewers compare Sorry Boys style to artists such as Florence and The Machine, Kate Bush or Bon Iver but as first and foremost they appreciate the band’s originality and unique sound.


1  Apollo 

2  Lord 

3  Wracam 

4  Roma 

5  Alleluja 

6  Mojo 

7  Supernowa 

8  Miasto Chopina 

9  Water 

10  Usłyszę 

11  Zwyczajne Cuda 



CD, Vinyl, Cassette


Mystic Production




2016, 2017, 2018


Tomasz Dąbrowski,Kuba Zawadziło,Izabela Komoszyńska,Piotr Blak,Bartosz Mielczarek,Maciek Gołyźniak

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