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The Complete Aksel Schiøtz Recordings 1933-1946 - Songs Of Summer - Vol 7 - Aksel Schiøtz

The Complete Aksel Schiøtz Recordings 1933-1946 - Songs Of Summer - Vol 7

Aksel Schiøtz  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: classical, Opera

Barcode: 5709499457009


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Aksel Schiøtz (1906–1975) was a Danish tenor who was considered one of Europe's leading Lieder singers after World War II. He is the father of Birgitte Grimstad.

From the liner notes of RCA Victor Red Label LM-1968:
"The tenor was born in Roskilde, near Copenhagen, September 1, 1906. Though always fond of music, young Aksel was educated to be a school teacher. On receiving his M.A. in 1929, he embarked upon this chosen career. Although he enjoyed singing for his own pleasure, it was not until 1938 that Schiøtz decided to enter the Royal Opera School in Copenhagen. Later he went on to Stockholm, where he worked with John Forsell, a baritone once known to audiences at New York's Metropolitan opera, at this time director of the opera in Copenhagen. During that first year of 1938 Schiøtz was broadcasting from Copenhagen and was heard by a talent scout for His Master's Voice, and so began his recording career. In 1939 he made his operatic debut in Copenhagen, singing the exacting role of Ferrando in "Cosi Fan Tutte."
His recital career was launched promisingly on April 6, 1940, but was cut short by the Nazi invasion. The story of the years that followed would make exciting but harrowing reading, for Schiotz was one of the key figures in the Danish Resistance. He did manage to continue his singing to such effect that he came to be known as "The Voice of Denmark," and a knighthood was conferred upon him by King Christian X.
A new phase of his career began with the close of the war, first with highly successful tours of Norway and Sweden, then with regular visits to England. In 1945 he broadcast for the first time over the BBC, and in 1947 he appeared at the Edinburgh Festival. At this time the strain of the war years took its toll and he was stricken with what proved to be a tumor acousticus. Happily, the operations he had to undergo were successful, and he was able to resume his career the following year. His American debut took place in Waterbury, Connecticut, October 12, 1948; eight days later he appeared in New York's Town Hall. During the summer of 1955 he crossed the ocean again to sing at the festival at Stratford, Ontario, and has since been on the faculty of Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota." Liner notes by Philip L. Miller


1  Danmark, Nu Blunder Den Lyse Nat 

2  Trækfuglene. Sig Nærmer Tiden 

3  Du Danske Sommer, Jeg Elsker Dig 

4  Til Glæden. Hulde Engel 

5  Sne. Der Er Ingenting I Verden 

6  Limfjorden. Blæsten Går Frisk 

7  Majnat. Når Vildgåsen Larmer 

8  Havren 

9  Liljekonval 

10  Jeg Ved -  

11  I de Lyse Nætter 

12  Mod Efterår 

13  Jeg Gik Mig Ud En Sommerdag  

14  Jeg Ser de Bøgelyse øer 

15  Jeg Har Sortnende Hede 

16  Mor Danmark 

17  Her Har Hjertet Hjemme 

18  I Danmark Er Jeg Født  

19  "Der Var Engang - ": Serenade. Natten Er Svanger 

20  "Der Var Engang - ": Midsommervise 

21  Renaissance: Serenade. Lydløst Leger Aarebladet 

22  Jylland Mellem Tvende Have 

23  Kom Carina 

24  Vær Hilset, Min Sol 

25  Flaget 

26  Majvise. Se Det Summer 







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