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Built To Rock - Fonzie

Built To Rock


Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 5602896094627

EMO-CORE made in portugal

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EMO-CORE made in portugal


Fonzie is a Punk Rock band from Portugal (Lisbon). They surf and skate since 90 and they got into the PunkRock scene from skate & surf videos soundtracks, so in 1996 they started Fonzie. In 1998 they got a record deal from a local label "DeadKing Records" that released their first recorded stuff, however it was a very limited edition and it was only released in a couple of countries. They are the 1st winner of the Millencolin cover contest started in 2001.

David - Guitar
Joao - Drums
Hugo - Vocals/Guitar
Miguel - Bass


1  Start  00:10

2  Drive My Vespa To The Movies  01:49

3  Rock My Heart (Always)  03:11

4  I Miss Ya  03:25

5  February 30th  02:42

6  Imac Girl  03:45

7  Lovely Words In Lovely Songs  03:35

8  Fresa  02:53

9  If You Leave Me I'll...  02:34

10  A Thousand Lies  03:34

11  Secret Spot (Alohas)  02:47

12  Yeah! I'm On My Way  02:02





Movieplay, Bullion , Jump Start Records, Punk Nation Records, Barulho Records


Belgium, Brazil, Japan, Portugal, United States of America


2002, 2003


Carlos Teixeira,João Marques (2),David Marques,Hugo Maia

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