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Songs In A&E - Spiritualized

Songs In A&E


Format: 2 Vinyl

Genre: rock, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock

Barcode: 5414939928840


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British space rock band founded in 1990 in Rugby, Warwickshire. Spiritualized has always been Jason Pierce plus a rotating cast of supporting musicians.


A1  Harmony 1 (Mellotron)  00:24

A2  Sweet Talk  04:05

A3  Death Take Your Fiddle  03:14

A4  I Gotta Fire  02:28

A5  Soul On Fire  04:06

B1  Harmony 2 (Piano)  00:43

B2  Sitting On Fire  04:38

B3  Yeah Yeah  02:28

B4  You Lie You Cheat  03:04

C1  Harmony 3 (Voice)  00:18

C2  Baby I'm Just A Fool  07:07

C3  Don't Hold Me Close  03:08

C4  Harmony 4 (The Old Man...)  01:32

C5  The Waves Crash In  04:09

D1  Harmony 5 (Accordion)  01:04

D2  Borrowed Your Gun  03:48

D3  Harmony 6 (Glockenspiel)  00:51

D4  Goodnight Goodnight  04:38



CD, Acetate, Vinyl, CDr, File


Universal, BMG, Sanctuary Records, Hostess Entertainment Unlimited, Cooperative Music, Spaceman Records, Spiritualized


Canada, Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Europe, UK & Europe, USA & Canada


2008, 2014, 2015


John Coxon,Sean Cook,Jason Pierce,Ray Dickaty,Tim Lewis,Mark Refoy,Jon Mattock,Kevin Bales,Tom Edwards,Damon Reece,Kate Radley,Will Carruthers,Mike Mooney,Richard Warren,Steve Evans (2),Tony Foster (2)

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