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Signs - Deus Ex Machina

Format: 1 CD

Genre: punk, rock, Hard Rock

Barcode: 5200103780136


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Hardcore/Punk band formed in 1989 in Athens, Greece.
They started playing as 'Rotten Minds'.
On 11/2/1989 they performed live at An (Athens), along with 'Κοινωνικά Απόβλητα;' and Βιομηχανική Αυτοκτονία (aka 'Industrial Suicide').
On 20/1/1990 they performed live at Φιλοσοφική Σχολή (Thessaloniki), along with 'Τρύπες, 'Last Drive' & 'Πίσσα Και Πούπουλα'.
On 10/2/1990 they performed live at Πολυτεχνείο of Athens, along with 'Negative Stance', 'Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία', 'Ανωμαλία 18' & 'Sacrament'.
On 29/3/1991 they performed live at An Club with Villa 21.
On 14/12/1991 they performed live at ΑΣΟΕΕ of Athens, along with 'Ναυτία', 'Πίσσα Και Πούπουλα' & 'ΑΝΤΙ...'.
On 21/5/1993 they performed live at Theatro Kipou (Thessaloniki), along with 'The Flowers Of Romance' & 'Last Drive'.
On 26/6/1993 they performed live at Pedio Areos (Athens), along with 'Ziggy Was' & 'Εκτός Ελέγχου'.
In 2000, they participated at Biennale festival in Torino, Italy.
On 23/05/2010 they performed live at An Club (Athens) as a support act of Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School of Medicine.
On 26/09/2010 they participated at a solidarity festival at Theatro Vrahon (Petroupolis) , along with 'The Last Drive', 'BMW Rockers 57', 'The Raindogs (2)', 'Τζίμης Πανούσης', 'Δημήτρης Πουλικάκος & '9mm'.
On 12/11/2011 they performed live at An Club (Athens), along with 'The Raindogs (2)' & 'Dive'.
On 10/2/2012 they performed live at An Club (Athens), along with 'Sex Beat', 'Last Drive' & 'Soundkrash'.


1  Leave This Part Behind  05:34

2  Backwards  05:24

3  Lovesong  04:14

4  Scream  03:53

5  Greedy  04:23

6  Legal Murder  03:37

7  War  03:58

8  See The Signs  06:28

9  Fight  04:21

10  Still Away  06:14

Video  Lovesong  04:20



CD, Vinyl


Hitch-Hyke Records, The Lab Records




2003, 2013


Takis Papadopoulos,Dimitris Manthos,Nikos Haralambopoulos,Dimitris Spyropoulos,George Trevlos,Kostas Diavolitsis,Γιάννης Βεναρδής,Carlos E. Perez,Τάκης Καννέλος,Stavros X.,Stelios Fragos,Γιώργος Μιχαηλίδης,Costas Petrou,Kanelos Daveros

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