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We're Here To The End - Therapy?

We're Here To The End


Format: 2 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 5065001991004

=live in the london 'water rats theatre', march 2010=

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=live in the london 'water rats theatre', march 2010=


Alternative / Hard Rock group with Industrial and Punk influences from Northern Ireland, formed in 1989 by Andy Cairns (vocals, lead guitar) and Fyfe Ewing (drums). Michael McKeegan (bass guitar) joined them shortly afterwards.

They developed a strong underground following in both parts of the island, particularly around their legendary early nineties Dublin Christmas gigs in the SFX. They started to received some attention across the water in Britain in 1992 with their "Pleasure Death" mini album and then with the "Nurse" album and "Teethgrinder" single. This interest exploded with the release of the more traditionally punk rock sounding "Shortsharpshock EP", which gave them a No. 10 hit in the UK and an appearance on Top of the Pops. This was followed by further hits from the "Opal Mantra" and "Face the Strange" EPs. This success was consolidated with the release of the "Troublegum" album and its associated singles.

Fyfe left the band in 1996, to be replaced by Graham Hopkins. Martin McCarrick (guitar/cello) also joined the band full-time at this stage, having appeared as a guest musician on previous Therapy? releases and played with them live. Their popularity was impossible to maintain and they also found that much of their previous fanbase was unhappy with their change in sound a few years earlier. Since then, they have worked at developing something of a new following.

Graham left Therapy? in December 2001, he was replaced by Neil Cooper in 2002. Martin left the band in 2004.


1-1  Screamager  02:52

1-2  Sister  05:22

1-3  Turn  03:41

1-4  Enjoy The Struggle  04:09

1-5  Die Like A Motherfucker  03:20

1-6  Stories  03:50

1-7  Meat Abstract  04:13

1-8  Exiles  05:27

1-9  Skyward  02:53

1-10  A Moment Of Clarity  05:09

1-11  Sprung  03:44

1-12  Neck Freak  05:00

1-13  Diane  04:20

1-14  Potato Junkie  04:00

1-15  Dancin' With Manson  05:10

1-16  If It Kills Me  03:45

1-17  Rust  03:34

2-1  Nausea  03:46

2-2  Knives  02:09

2-3  Nowhere  02:41

2-4  Evil Elvis  02:29

2-5  Epilepsy  03:50

2-6  Rain Hits Concrete  02:50

2-7  Our White Noise  03:52

2-8  Opal Mantra  02:40

2-9  Fantasy Bag  04:11

2-10  Church Of Noise  02:26

2-11  The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself  03:14

2-12  Polar Bear  03:59

2-13  Crooked Timber  07:03

2-14  Punishment Kiss  05:00

2-15  Trigger Inside  04:18

2-16  Innocent X  04:00

2-17  Die Laughing  03:02

2-18  Isolation  05:45

2-19  Teethgrinder  04:23





Blast Records


UK & Europe




Andy Cairns,Martin McCarrick,Graham Hopkins,Michael McKeegan,Fyfe Ewing,Neil Cooper (2)

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