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Unfurnished Rooms - Blancmange

Unfurnished Rooms


Format: 1 CD

Genre: electronic, Darkwave, Synth-pop, Minimal

Barcode: 5060079264562


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British synth-pop duo formed in London 1979 and consisting of Neil Arthur & Stephen Luscombe. They had a string of hits through the early to mid 1980s with songs such as "Blind Vision," "Don't Tell Me," "Living On The Ceiling," "Lose Your Love," "That's Love, That It Is" and "Waves."

The band found their popularity waning by the mid-80's, and with the poor performance of their third album "Believe You Me," they initially split in 1986. They did eventually reform in 2006 and released a new album of original material in 2011, titled "Blanc Burn."


1  Unfurnished Rooms  04:46

2  We Are The Chemicals  05:16

3  Share It Out  04:11

4  What's The Time?  04:28

5  Wiping The Chair  04:34

6  Anna Dine  03:46

7  In December  04:48

8  Old Friends  05:27

9  Gratitude  03:37

10  Don't Get Me Wrong  08:09



CD, CDr, Vinyl


Blanc Check Records


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Europe




Neil Arthur,Stephen Luscombe,Laurence Stevens

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