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The Albums 64-67 - Manfred Mann

The Albums 64-67

Manfred Mann  

Format: 4 Vinyl, 1 Box Set

Genre: pop, rock, Pop Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Beat

Barcode: 5060051334238

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Born October 21, 1940 in in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Manfred Mann started playing piano at the early age of 5 in South Africa. When being very dissatisfied with the situation in his country, he left it for the UK in 1961. Manfred Mann was hired by Mike Hugg for his band, which was soon to become the Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers. When signing a contract with EMI in 1963 the band was renamed to Manfred Mann (which is really the band's name and not only the person). They had a series of pop hits throughout the 60s but split up despite still being commercially successful in 1969. Mann and Hugg in the same year formed Manfred Mann Chapter Three, a Jazz-Rock oriented formation which issued two longplayers. Due to lack of success they disbanded in late 1970. Mann turned towards Rock music and formed the Manfred Mann's Earth Band (MMEB) in 1971 which is still active until today. Manfred Mann's use of the Moog synthesizer was key to the sound of this band and he is known as one of the world's best Moog players (if not the best). MMEB had a very successful area during the mid70's and early 80's but was disbanded by Mann in 1987 after being fed up with trying to produce hit records. He started a project which was based mostly on the music of Native American Indians named Manfred Mann's Plain Music and which released one record. After this Mann reformed the MMEB in 1991 and was starting again to release records with them occasionally but also to be a regular live band with extensive tours mostly in Europe until today.

Note: Groups for the person Manfred Mann should be added to his real name alias Manfred Lubowitz only!


A1  Smokestack Lightning 

A2  Don't Ask Me What I Say 

A3  Sack O' Woe 

A4  What You Gonna Do? 

A5  Hoochie Coochie 

A6  I'm Your Kingpin 

A7  Down The Road Apiece 

B1  I've Got My Mojo Working 

B2  It's Gonna Work Out Fine 

B3  Mr. Anello 

B4  Untie Me 

B5  Bring It Jerome 

B6  Without You 

B7  You've Got To Take It 

C1  Since I Don't Have You 

C2  You're For Me 

C3  Look Away 

C4  The Abominable Snowmann 

C5  Watch Your Step 

C6  Stormy Monday Blues 

C7  I Really Do Believe 

D1  Hi Lili, Hi Lo 

D2  The Way You Do The Things You Do 

D3  Bare Hugg 

D4  You Don't Know Me 

D5  L.S.D. 

D6  I'll Make It Up To You 

E1  Pretty Flamingo 

E2  The One In The Middle 

E3  Oh No, Not My Baby 

E4  John Hardy 

E5  Spirit Feel 

E6  Come Tomorrow 

E7  Do Wah Diddy Diddy 

F1  There's No Living Without Your Loving 

F2  With God On Our Side 

F3  Groovin' 

F4  I'm Your Kingpin 

F5  Sha La La 


F7  If You Gotta Go, Go Now 

G1  The Abominable Snowmann 

G2  I Got You Babe 

G3  Bare Hugg 

G4  Spirit Feel 

G5  Why Should We Not 

G6  L.S.D. 

G7  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 

H1  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 

H2  My Generation 

H3  Mr. Anello 

H4  Still I'm Sad 

H5  Tengo, Tango 

H6  Brother Jack 

H7  Sack O' Woe 



CD, Vinyl


East Central One Limited


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland




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