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A Treasury Of The King Outlaw - Tyla J. Pallas

A Treasury Of The King Outlaw

Tyla J. Pallas  

Format: 5 CD, 1 DVD, 1 Box Set

Genre: blues, rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock

Barcode: 5055300387714

outlaw: doubloons & diamonds raided from 1995-2015



outlaw: doubloons & diamonds raided from 1995-2015



CD1-1  Rails 

CD1-2  111 

CD1-3  Never Gonna Change 

CD1-4  All Of Them Great 

CD1-5  Story Of Our Life 

CD1-6  Supreme Creator 

CD1-7  Last Of The Ladykillers 

CD1-8  All You Had 

CD1-9  Never Give Up 

CD1-10  Mad Bad Jack 

CD1-11  All Alone (Without Me And You) 

CD1-12  Untouchable 

CD1-13  Black Confetti (Electric) 

CD2-1  Which Way The Wind Blows 

CD2-2  Time (Electric) 

CD2-3  When She Falls 

CD2-4  Lament Of Night 

CD2-5  Love Is 

CD2-6  The Battle Of Archie Leach 

CD2-7  Bess 

CD2-8  Key Of Heartache 

CD2-9  Error Of My Ways 

CD2-10  Even Angels Have Bad Days 

CD2-11  Bloody Mary 

CD2-12  Ode To Jackie Leven 

CD3-1  Woolworth Girl 

CD3-2  The Wicked One 

CD3-3  In Dreams 

CD3-4  Troubadour Of Truth 

CD3-5  Damnation 

CD3-6  Tale Of The Fortune Tellers Wife 

CD3-7  Legend Of The Thief 

CD3-8  Hate Pain 

CD3-9  Beautiful 

CD3-10  Money Is Their God 

CD3-11  Don't Lock Me Out (Of Your Heart Again) 

CD4-1  Hey Cortez 

CD4-2  Staring At The Midnight Sun 

CD4-3  In The Name 

CD4-4  Real Magique 

CD4-5  It Aint Over Yet 

CD4-6  Gentlefolk Of The Underworld 

CD4-7  Beau Brutal 

CD4-8  Break The Spell 

CD4-9  The Meaning Of Fortune And Fame 

CD4-10  Little Thing 

CD4-11  House Of Blues 

CD5-1  Ali's Biggest Fan 

CD5-2  Do You Know Who I Am 

CD5-3  Acid 

CD5-4  Mushrooms 

CD5-5  Deal A Day 

CD5-6  Alice And Salvador 

CD5-7  Strangla 

CD5-8  Dancin' Prawns 

CD5-9  Vegeterian Options 

CD5-10  Anniversary Pasta 

CD5-11  Bacon And Sausage In A Suitcase 

CD5-12  Side Of Teeth 

CD5-13  Use Your Imagination Salad 

CD5-14  A Cleggy 

CD5-15  Beef In Cap 

CD5-16  All The Tea In China 

CD5-17  Snails, Pizza And Luther Vandross 

CD5-18  Veggie Vandross 

CD5-19  Radioactive Snowman 

CD5-20  Italian Waiter 

CD5-21  Tuna And Gravy 

DVD1  Heroine 

DVD2  Wired & Wide Awake 

DVD3  Curse Of The Dole Hero (Acoustic) 

DVD4  Which Way The Wind Blows 

DVD5  Last Of The Lady Killers 

DVD6  When She Falls 

DVD7  Bess 

DVD8  Love Is 

DVD9  Archie Leach 

DVD10  All You Had (Rehersal Clip) 

DVD11  Angel 

DVD12  Last Bandit 

DVD13  It Ain't Over Yet 

DVD14  "Tyla's Stand Up Routine" (Previously Only Available On Cd) 

DVD15  Woolworth Girl 

DVD16  How Come It Never Rains (Acoustic) 

DVD17  Mad Bad Jack (Acoustic) 

DVD18  When She Falls (Acoustic) 

DVD19  "Once Upon A Time In Dreams" - Previously Unreleased DVD 

DVD20  In Dreams (Promo) 

DVD21  Studio / Live - Once Upon A Time / Restless / 111 (supporting Alice Cooper) 

DVD22  Unce Upon A Time / Restless / 111 - Live At Crewe Limelight 

DVD23  Spoken Word (From Tales From The Tavern) 

DVD24  Writing Of Heroine 

DVD25  Writing Of How Come It Never Rains 







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