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(What's The Story) Morning Glory? - Oasis

(What's The Story) Morning Glory?


Format: 1 Box Set, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 2 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Cassette

Genre: pop, rock, Brit Pop

Barcode: 5051961073089

.. morning glory, very limited boxset, deluxe edition



.. morning glory, very limited boxset, deluxe edition


Rock band from Burnage, Manchester, formed in 1991.
Formed out of the ashes of a band called The Rain (consisting of Paul McGuigan, Paul Arthurs, Tony McCarroll and Chris Hutton on vocals) who started in 1990. Chris was sacked and Liam Gallagher took over on vocals. His brother Noel Gallagher (former guitar roadie for Inspiral Carpets' Clint Boon) then joined as songwriter and additional guitarist.
In 1999, two of the founding members (Guigsy and Bonehead) left the group and Noel played their parts on the fourth album. Two new musicians were recruited - Gem Archer and Andy Bell (2) - initially for touring duties, but became full-time and were part of the songwriting process on the following albums.
On August 28, 2009, Noel announced that he was leaving the band after an altercation with Liam. The remaining members continue performing as Beady Eye, while Noel formed Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

Paul McGuigan (1991-1999)
Paul Arthurs (1991-1999)
Liam Gallagher (1991-2009)
Tony McCarroll (1991-1995)
Noel Gallagher (1991-2009)
Alan White (2) (1995-2004)
Gem Archer (1999-2009) ex-Heavy Stereo
Andy Bell (2) (1999-2009) ex-Ride & Hurricane #1
Zak Starkey: Drums (2004-2008) son of Ringo Starr
Chris Sharrock (2008-2009) ex-The La's

Notable session & live members:
Scott McLeod (1995 Briefly replaced Guigsy; appears in Wonderwall video) ex-The Ya Ya's
Matt Deighton: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals (stood-in for Noel during non-UK dates) (2000)
Steve White (3): Drummer (stood-in for brother Alan when he was ill) (2001)
Mike Rowe: Keyboards (1997-2002, also plays on Noel's solo work)
Jay Darlington (ex-Kula Shaker): Keyboards (2002-2009)
Terry Kirkbride (ex-Proud Mary & Ambershades): Drums (2004, 2006-2007)
Johnny Depp Guitar (1997)


CD1-1  Hello  03:21

CD1-2  Roll With It  03:59

CD1-3  Wonderwall  04:18

CD1-4  Don't Look Back In Anger  04:48

CD1-5  Hey Now!  05:41

CD1-6  Untitled  00:44

CD1-7  Some Might Say  05:29

CD1-8  Cast No Shadow  04:51

CD1-9  She's Electric  03:40

CD1-10  Morning Glory  05:03

CD1-11  Untitled  00:39

CD1-12  Champagne Supernova  07:27

CD2-1  Talk Tonight  04:22

CD2-2  Acquiesce  04:28

CD2-3  Headshrinker  04:42

CD2-4  It's Better People  04:00

CD2-5  Rockin' Chair  04:40

CD2-6  Step Out  03:44

CD2-7  Underneath The Sky  03:25

CD2-8  Cum On Feel The Noize  05:44

CD2-9  Round Are Way  05:44

CD2-10  The Swamp Song  04:23

CD2-11  The Masterplan  05:25

CD2-12  Bonehead's Bank Holiday  04:03

CD2-13  Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix)  07:10

CD2-14  You've Got To Hide Your Love Away  02:15

CD3-1  Acquiesce (Live At Earls Court)  04:24

CD3-2  Some Might Say (Demo)  04:02

CD3-3  Some Might Say (Live At Roskilde)  05:03

CD3-4  She's Electric (Demo)  03:01

CD3-5  Talk Tonight (Live At Bath Pavilion)  03:40

CD3-6  Rockin' Chair (Demo)  04:03

CD3-7  Hello (Live At Roskilde)  03:21

CD3-8  Roll With It (Live At Roskilde)  04:06

CD3-9  Morning Glory (Live At Roskilde)  04:45

CD3-10  Hey Now (Demo)  03:06

CD3-11  Bonehead's Bank Holiday (Demo)  02:07

CD3-12  Round Are Way (M T V Unplugged)  04:55

CD3-13  Cast No Shadow (Live At Maine Road)  04:03

CD3-14  The Masterplan (Live At Knebworth Park)  04:52

MC-A1  Hello  03:21

MC-A2  Roll With It  03:59

MC-A3  Wonderwall  04:18

MC-A4  Don't Look Back In Anger  04:48

MC-A5  Hey Now!  05:41

MC-A6  Untitled  00:44

MC-B1  Some Might Say  05:29

MC-B2  Step Out  03:40

MC-B3  Cast No Shadow  04:51

MC-B4  She's Electric  03:40

MC-B5  Morning Glory  05:03

MC-B6  Untitled  00:39

MC-B7  Champagne Supernova  07:27

LP-A1  Hello  03:21

LP-A2  Roll With It  03:59

LP-A3  Wonderwall  04:18

LP-B1  Don't Look Back In Anger  04:48

LP-B2  Hey Now!  05:41

LP-B3  Untitled  00:44

LP-B4  Bonehead's Bank Holiday  04:03

LP-C1  Some Might Say  05:29

LP-C2  Cast No Shadow  04:51

LP-C3  She's Electric  03:40

LP-D1  Morning Glory  05:03

LP-D2  Untitled  00:39

LP-D3  Champagne Supernova  07:27

7"-E  Hello (Demo) 

7"-F  She's Electric (Demo)  03:01

12"-G  Cum On Feel The Noize  05:12

12"-H  Champagne Supernova (Lynchmob Beats Mix) 



CD, Cassette, Vinyl, Minidisc, SACD, File, Box Set


Euro Star, Vivo , Audio Max, Mad Vox, Western Thunder Records, Sony Music, Reprise Records, Not On Label, Music World , Vigma, Columbia, CBS/Sony, Sony, Epic, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Big Brother, Helter Skelter, Helter Skelter , Epic , Megastar, Mirage Records , Epic Records, Creation Records, Sony Music Taiwan, Big Brother Recordings Ltd., Not On Label (Oasis (2)), Pan Music, Creation Records , PT. Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, Sony Music (Korea) Inc., Europress


Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK & Europe, USA & Canada, UK, Europe & US, USA & Europe, UK & Ireland


1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020


Noel Gallagher,Liam Gallagher,Andy Bell (2),Johnny Depp,Zak Starkey,Alan White (2),Chris Sharrock,Tony McCarroll,Gem Archer,Paul McGuigan,Paul Arthurs

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