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Factory Floor - Factory Floor

Factory Floor

Factory Floor  

Format: 2 Vinyl, 1 CD, 1 CDr

Genre: electronic

Barcode: 5050954405760




Formed in 2008, Factory Floor first lineup featured drummer/vocalist Gabriel Gurnsey, keyboardist/bassist/vocalist Dominic Butler, and guitarist/percussionist Mark Harris, and Nikki Colk Void on vocals.


A1  Turn It Up  06:15

A2  Here Again  08:09

A3  One  00:48

B1  Fall Back  07:24

B2  Two  01:04

C1  How You Say  06:27

C2  Two Different Ways  08:15

C3  Three  01:43

D1  Work Out  06:35

D2  Breathe In  06:38

CD-1  Turn It Up  06:15

CD-2  Here Again  08:09

CD-3  One  00:48

CD-4  Fall Back  07:24

CD-5  Two  01:04

CD-6  How You Say  06:27

CD-7  Two Different Ways  08:15

CD-8  Three  01:43

CD-9  Work Out  06:35

CD-10  Breathe In  06:38

CDr-1  Green  05:32

CDr-2  Pink  06:32

CDr-3  Blue  05:08



Vinyl, CD, CDr


P-Vine Records, Love Da Records, DFA


Australia, Japan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Europe, Asia, UK & Europe




Dominic Butler,Gabriel Gurnsey,Nik Colk Void

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