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77 - Hawkwind

Format: 2 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 5036436082629


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Formed in 1969, Hawkwind are a prolific and pioneering space-rock group from the UK. Within weeks of their formation, the band had made a name for themselves on the free festival circuit and would perform live without fee wherever they were able. By the time of their 1971 album 'X In Search Of Space', Hawkwind were infamous for their science fiction themed music and theatrical concerts, the latter renowned as exhibitions of pulsing electronics, dazzling light shows, LSD consumption and (from 1971-75) a nude dancer in the form of Stacia Blake .
Despite a near-constant revolving door of members, Founder member Dave Brock has been the sole mainstay and the core of the band since its inception and has steered the band from its psychedelic rock roots into flirtations with heavy metal, new wave, ambient and techno. Notable contributors have included "accidental" bassist Lemmy (who would go on to greater fame with Motörhead), Cream (2)'s Ginger Baker and science fiction writer Michael Moorcock.


1-1  Masters Of The Universe 

1-2  High Rise 

1-3  Uncle Sam's On Mars 

1-4  Damnation Alley & Damnation Alley Part 2 

1-5  Welcome To The Future 

1-6  Robot 

1-7  Hash Cake 

1-8  Angels Of Life 

1-9  Freefall 

2-1  Quark, Strangeness And Charm 

2-2  Over The Top 

2-3  Magnu 

2-4  Death Trap 

2-5  Spirit Of The Age 

2-6  Nuclear Toy 

2-7  Who's Gonna Win The War 

2-8  Sonic Attack 







Keith Hale,Harvey Bainbridge,Nik Turner,Tim Blake,Paul Rudolph,Robert Calvert,Ginger Baker,Robert Heaton,Clive Deamer,Del Dettmar,Simon King,Simon House,Dave Brock,Huw Lloyd-Langton,Terry Ollis,John Clark (3),Richard Chadwick,Adrian Shaw,Martin Griffin,Dik Mik,Michael Moorcock,Andy Anderson,John Harrison (2),Alan Davey,Jerry Richards,Ron Tree,Dave Anderson (3),Jason Stuart,Steve Swindells,Danny Thompson (3),Thomas Crimble,Alan Powell,Bridget Wishart,Niall Hone,Paul Hayles,Viv Prince,Mick Slattery,Ian Fraser Kilmister,Keith Kniveton,Phillip Reeves,Julian Crimmins,Rik Martinez,Haz Wheaton,Magnus Martin,Jonathan Darbyshire

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