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Free Fallin'... Live In The USA - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

Free Fallin'... Live In The USA

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers  

Format: 1 Box Set, 10 CD

Genre: rock, Classic Rock

Barcode: 5036408215529

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American rock band founded in 1976 in Gainesville, Florida.
Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2002 (Performer).


CD1-01  Surrender 

CD1-02  Jaguar & Thunderbird 

CD1-03  Band Introductions 

CD1-04  American Girl 

CD1-05  Al Kooper Intro 

CD1-06  Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) 

CD1-07  Luna 

CD1-08  Listen To Her Heart 

CD1-09  I Need To Know 

CD1-10  Strangered In The Night 

CD1-11  Dog On The Run 

CD1-12  Route 66 

CD2-01  I Need To Know 

CD2-02  American Girl 

CD2-03  Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) 

CD2-04  Breakdown 

CD2-05  Listen To Her Heart 

CD2-06  Band Introductions 

CD2-07  Strangered In The Night 

CD2-08  Anything That's Rock 'n' Roll 

CD2-09  Dog On The Run 

CD2-10  Shout 

CD2-11  Encore Break 

CD2-12  Route 66 

CD3-01  Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll 

CD3-02  Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) 

CD3-03  I Need To Know 

CD3-04  Don't Bring Me Down 

CD3-05  You're Gonna Get It 

CD3-06  Breakdown 

CD3-07  American Girl 

CD3-08  Strangered In The Night 

CD3-09  Too Much Ain't Enough 

CD3-10  Shout 

CD3-11  I Fought The Law 

CD3-12  Route 66 

CD3-13  I'm A King Bee 

CD4-01  Shadow Of A Doubt 

CD4-02  Anything That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll 

CD4-03  Fooled Again 

CD4-04  Here Comes My Girl 

CD4-05  Even The Losers 

CD4-06  The Wild One, Forever 

CD4-07  I Need To Know 

CD4-08  Don’t Do Me Like That 

CD4-09  Cry To Me 

CD4-10  Refugee 

CD4-11  Listen To Her Heart 

CD4-12  American Girl 

CD4-13  Breakdown 

CD4-14  Too Much Ain’t Enough 

CD4-15  Any Way You Want It 

CD4-16  I Fought The Law 

CD4-17  Strangered In The Night 

CD4-18  Route 66 

CD5-01  Bye Bye Johnny 

CD5-02  Breakdown 

CD5-03  King's Road 

CD5-04  The Waiting 

CD5-05  Don't Come Around Here Here No More 

CD5-06  For What It's It's Worth Worth  

CD5-07  The Image Of Me  

CD5-07  Here Comes My Girl 

CD5-09  Should I Stay Or Should I Go 

CD5-10  You Can’t Judge A Book By It's Cover 

CD5-11  Any Way You Want It 

CD5-12  Runaway Trains 

CD5-13  Refugee 

CD6-01  Bye Bye Johnny 

CD6-02  Damage You've Done 

CD6-03  Breakdown 

CD6-04  Free Fallin 

CD6-05  The Waiting 

CD6-06  Benmont’s Boogie 

CD6-07  Don't Come Around Here No More 

CD6-08  Southern Accents 

CD6-09  Even The Losers 

CD6-10  Listen To Her Heart 

CD6-11  A Face In The Crowd 

CD6-12  Something Big 

CD6-13  I Won't Back Down 

CD6-14  I Need To Know 

CD6-15  Refugee 

CD6-16  Running Down A Dream 

CD7-01  Love Is A Long Road 

CD7-02  Into The Great Wide Open 

CD7-03  Listen To Her Heart 

CD7-04  I Won’t Back Down 

CD7-05  Free Fallin’ 

CD7-06  Psychotic Reaction 

CD7-07  Ben’s Boogie 

CD7-08  Don’t Come Around Here No More 

CD7-09  Something In The Air 

CD7-10  Mary Jane’s Last Dance 

CD7-11  King’s Highway 

CD7-12  A Face In The Crowd 

CD8-01  Ballad Of Easy Rider 

CD8-02  Take Out Some Insurance 

CD8-03  Thirteen Days 

CD8-04  Southern Accents 

CD8-05  Yer So Bad 

CD8-06  Driving Down To Georgia 

CD8-07  Lost Without You 

CD8-08  Refugee 

CD8-09  Running Down A Dream 

CD8-10  Learning To Fly 

CD8-11  Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 

CD8-12  American Girl 

CD8-13  Alright For Now 

CD9-01  You Don't Know How It Feels 

CD9-02  Listen To Her Heart 

CD9-03  I Won't Back Down 

CD9-04  Free Fallin' 

CD9-05  You Wreck Me 

CD9-06  Mary Jane's Last Dance 

CD9-07  Don't Come Around Here No More 

CD9-08  Thirteen Days 

CD9-09  Girl On LSD 

CD9-10  Breakdown 

CD9-11  Cabin Down Below 

CD9-12  It's Good To Be King 

CD10-01  Runnin' Down A Dream 

CD10-02  Honey Bee 

CD10-03  Gloria 

CD10-04  Refugee 

CD10-05  Don’t Do Me Like That 

CD10-06  The Waiting 

CD10-07  American Girl 

CD10-08  The Waiting 

CD10-09  Rebels 

CD10-10  Refugee 

CD10-11  Runnin’ Down A Dream 

CD10-12  Free Fallin’ 

CD10-13  A Face In The Crowd 

CD10-14  You Don’t Know How It Feels 

CD10-15  You Don’t Know How It Feels 

CD10-16  You Wreck Me 







Mike Campbell,Steve Ferrone,Benmont Tench,Howie Epstein,Tom Petty,Scott Thurston,Phil Jones (3),Stan Lynch,Ron Blair

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