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Pictures: Live At Montreux 2009 - Status Quo

Pictures: Live At Montreux 2009

Status Quo  

Format: 1 DVD

Genre: rock, Rock & Roll, Pop Rock

Barcode: 5036369819491

. montreux 2009



. montreux 2009


Two south London fellows called Alan Lancaster (bass) and Francis Rossi (guitar - known as Mike Rossi (4) during the band's early years) founded the band in 1962. First name The Paladins soon changed to The Spectres (2) (another previously-documented early name, The Scorpions, is disputed).
In 1966, the band changed their name to "The Traffic", shortly thereafter to The Traffic Jam (2). The lineup consisted of Lancaster, Rossi, John Coghlan (drums) and Roy Lynes (keyboard).
A year later, the band changed name once again to "The Status Quo". Rick Parfitt (guitar) joined the band. Their first hit record, "Pictures of Matchstick Men", was released. "The" was omitted from the name of the band in 1969, known thereafter as just "Status Quo"


1  Opening 

2  Caroline 

3  The Wanderer 

4  Rain 

5  Don't Drive My Car 

7  Beginning Of The End 

8  Is There A Better Way 

11  The Oriental 

12  Creepin' Up On You 

13  In My Chair 

14  Living On An Island 

15  In The Army Now 

16  The Killer (Drum Solo) 

17  Roll Over Lay Down 

18  Down Down 

19  Whatever You Want 

20  Rockin' All Over The World 

21  Junior's Wailing 

23  Quo In Montreux 



DVD, Blu-ray, CD, Vinyl


Back On Black, Eagle Vision, ST2 Video, Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd., Osprey Records, Ear Music Classics, Eagle Eye Media, Metro Sound & Vision


Australia, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Europe, UK & Europe, North America (inc Mexico)


2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2021


Andy Bown,Francis Rossi,Peter Kircher,Bob Young,Alan Lancaster,Rick Parfitt,John "Rhino" Edwards,Matthew Letley,Roy Lynes,Jeff Rich,John Coghlan,Leon Cave,Richie Malone (2)

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