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Screamadelica - Primal Scream


Primal Scream  

Format: 1 DVD, 1 CD

Genre: electronic, rock, Non-Music

Barcode: 5034504906297

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Alternative rock band formed in 1982 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Bobby Gillespie ('elemental noise', 1982–84; vocals 1984–present)
Andrew Innes (guitar, 1986–present)
Martin Duffy (keyboards, 1989–present)
Darrin Mooney (drums, 1999–present)
Simone Butler (bass, 2012–present)

Former members:
Jim Beattie ('elemental noise', 1982–84; guitar 1982–88)
Judith Boyle (vocals, 1984)
Martin St. John (tambourine, 1984–87)
Robert 'Throb' Young (bass, 1984–88; guitar, 1988–2006; died 2014)
Thomas McGurk (drums, 1984–86)
Paul Harte (guitar, 1985–86)
Stuart May (guitar, 1986)
Gavin Skinner (drums, 1987–88)
Henry Olsen (bass, 1989–94)
Philip 'Toby' Tomanov (drums, 1989–94)
Steve Sidelnyk (drums, 1994–96)
Paul Mulreany (drums, 1996–99)
Gary 'Mani' Mounfield (bass, 1996–2011)
Kevin Shields (guitar, 1998–2006)
Barrie Cadogan (guitar, 2006–15)

Denise Johnson (guest vocals, 1990–96)


DVD-1  Introduction  02:09

DVD-2  Movin' On Up  03:42

DVD-3  Genesis Of Primal Scream  03:52

DVD-4  The Eponymous Album  04:50

DVD-5  Loaded  07:43

DVD-6  E  08:31

DVD-7  Don't Fight It, Feel It  03:41

DVD-8  Why So Many Singles?  01:59

DVD-9  Damaged  05:18

DVD-10  The Cover Version  04:19

DVD-11  The First Mercury Prize  04:37

DVD-12  The Downside  03:50

DVD-13  Shine Like Stars  03:22

DVD-14  Don't Fight It, Feel It  06:03

DVD-15  Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)  03:57

DVD-16  I'm Coming Down  04:03

DVD-17  Inner Flight  03:21

DVD-18  Shine Like Stars  08:39

CD-1  Movin' On Up  05:19

CD-2  Slip Inside This House  06:01

CD-3  Don't Fight It, Feel It  07:17

CD-4  Damaged  06:59

CD-5  I'm Coming Down  06:09

CD-6  Shine Like Stars  03:38

CD-7  Inner Fight  05:25

CD-8  Higher Than The Sun  13:27

CD-9  Loaded  09:17

CD-10  Come Together  14:09





Eagle Vision


Brazil, France, Japan




Bobby Gillespie,Kevin Shields,Andrew Innes,Paul Harte,Dave Morgan,Duncan McKay,Henry Olsen,Martin Duffy,Gavin Skinner,Robert Young (2),Darrin Mooney,Jim Hunt,Thomas McGurk,Jim Beattie,Paul Mulreany,Gary Mounfield,Philip Tomanov,Martin St. John,Simone Butler

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