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Spiders - Space



Format: 1 CD

Genre: electronic, rock

Barcode: 5018524128624


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Indie group hailing from Liverpool, UK.
Active from 1993 to 2005. Reformed later 2011.

Highly successful during the late 90s. At their very peak in 1997 their original drummer, Andy Parle, left the band wanting to commit to a more "cultish" act. Leon Caffrey stepped into the stool as his replacement.

Mysteriously the band were shunned by a nervous record company who delayed their third album, and eventually shelved it completely. Tension grew and Jamie Murphy quit in 2001. Their fourth album was released in 2004 with hardly any attention from the world, and finally the band decided to call it a day in 2005 when Palmer walked out, vowing never to return.

In 2011 the band, minus Dave "Yorkie" Palmer, decided to reform with sights on recording a new album and a full UK tour. Jamie only played a handful of gigs during the initial reformation in 2011.

David Palmer (7) is also credited using his nickname Yorkie on some releases.
Francis Griffiths AKA "Franny" remixes under the alias Frannie Aspirin


1  Neighbourhood  03:28

2  Mister Psycho  03:40

3  Female Of The Species  03:19

4  Money  04:01

5  Me & You Vs The World  03:36

6  Lovechild Of The Queen  03:40

7  No-One Understands  04:08

8  Voodoo Roller  03:15

9  Drop Dead  04:26

10  Dark Clouds  03:50

11  Major Pager  03:16

12  Kill Me  03:31

13  Charlie M  03:50

14  Growler  04:48



CD, Vinyl, Cassette


Festival Records Pty. Ltd., Universal Records, Gut Records, Demon Records, Avex Trax, Mega Records, Facedown, Gut Reaction Records


Canada, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand


1996, 1997, 2016


Alan Jones (3),Phil Hartley,Thomas Scott (2),Francis Griffiths,Andy Parle,Jamie Murphy,Leon Caffrey,David Palmer (7),Ryan Clarke

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