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All That She Wants: The Classic Albums - Ace Of Base

All That She Wants: The Classic Albums

Ace Of Base  

Format: 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Box Set

Genre: pop

Barcode: 5014797901568


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Swedish pop group who scored a string of hit singles in the 1990s.

Jonas Peter "Joker" Berggren (born March 21st, 1967): vocals, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Malin "Linn" Berggren (born October 31st, 1970): former lead vocals, keyboards
Jenny Berggren (born May 19th, 1972): former lead vocals
Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg (born December 6th, 1970): keyboards, backing vocals
Clara Hagman: former lead vocals / Julia Williamson: former lead vocals


A1  All That She Wants  03:30

A2  Don't Turn Around  03:48

A3  Young And Proud  03:56

A4  The Sign  03:08

A5  Living In Danger  03:41

A6  Voulez-Vous Danser  03:17

A7  Happy Nation  04:13

B1  Hear Me Calling  03:48

B2  Waiting For Magic (Total Remix 7")  03:50

B3  Fashion Party  04:10

B4  Wheel Of Fortune  03:52

B5  Dancer In A Daydream  03:37

B6  My Mind (Mindless Mix)  04:08

B7  All That She Wants (Banghra Version)  04:14

C1  Beautiful Life  03:41

C2  Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry  03:16

C3  Lucky Love  02:54

C4  Edge Of Heaven  03:51

C5  Strange Ways  04:16

C6  Ravine  04:40

C7  Perfect World  03:56

D1  Angel Eyes  03:14

D2  Whispers In Blindness  04:12

D3  My Déjà Vu  03:22

D4  Wave Wet Sand  03:19

D5  Que Sera  03:47

D6  Just 'N Image  03:06

D7  Experience Pearls  03:59

D8  Blooming 18  03:38

E1  Life Is A Flower  03:43

E2  Always Have, Always Will  03:45

E3  Cruel Summer  03:33

E4  Travel To Romantis  04:07

E5  Adventures In Paradise  03:29

E6  Dr. Sun  03:35

E7  Cecilia  03:52

F1  He Decides  03:07

F2  I Pray  03:15

F3  Tokyo Girl  03:33

F4  Don't Go Away  03:36

F5  Captain Nemo  04:03

F6  Donnie  03:45

F7  Everytime It Rains  04:49

G1  Unspeakable  03:14

G2  Beautiful Morning  02:59

G3  Remember The Words  03:43

G4  Da Capo  03:10

G5  World Down Under  03:23

G6  Ordinary Day  03:24

H1  Wonderful Life  04:15

H2  Show Me Love  03:42

H3  What's The Name Of The Game  03:02

H4  Change With The Light  03:35

H5  Hey Darling  03:16

H6  The Juvenile  03:45



Box Set, Vinyl


Playground Music Scandinavia, Edsel Records


Europe, UK & Europe




Jonas "Joker" Berggren,Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg,Malin "Linn" Berggren,Jenny Berggren,Clara Hagman,Julia Williamson

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