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Futurama - Be Bop Deluxe

Format: 1 CD, 1 CD

Genre: rock, Art Rock

Barcode: 5013929477247


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British band formed by Bill Nelson in 1972 - the musically restless Be Bop Deluxe never actually played Be-Bop music, and dabbled instead with genres that ranged from prog rock to proto-punk and new wave. They were most notably known for their singles 'Ships In The Night', 'Sister Seagull' and 'Maid In Heaven', and recorded their final album in 1978, with Bill Nelson's follow-up solo project 'Red Noise' as the intended sixth Be Bop Deluxe album, but due to Charles' visa expiring, rather than replace him, they called it a day.


CD1-1  Stage Whispers  03:05

CD1-2  Love With The Madman  03:12

CD1-3  Maid In Heaven  02:26

CD1-4  Sister Seagull  03:36

CD1-5  Sound Track  06:15

CD1-6  Music In Dreamland  04:44

CD1-7  Jean Cocteau  02:53

CD1-8  Between The Worlds  03:17

CD1-9  Swan Song  06:03

CD1-10  Between The Worlds (Single Version)  03:19

CD1-11  Lights  02:42

CD2-1  Stage Whispers  03:04

CD2-2  Love With The Madman  03:17

CD2-3  Maid In Heaven  02:24

CD2-4  Sister Seagull  03:34

CD2-5  Sound Track  06:16

CD2-6  Music In Dreamland  04:44

CD2-7  Jean Cocteau  02:52

CD2-8  Between The Worlds  03:16

CD2-9  Swan Song  06:04

CD2-10  Between The Worlds (Single Version)  03:33

CD2-11  Lights  02:42

CD2-12  Music In Dreamland (Phonogram Studios Version)  04:56

CD2-13  Between The Worlds (Alternate Single Version)  03:30



Vinyl, Cassette, CD, File


EMI, Capitol Records, Harvest, Esoteric Recordings, Cherry Red, Limited Edition , Harvest


Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, UK & Europe


1975, 1979, 1990, 2000, 2008, 2017, 2019


Bill Nelson,Robert Bryan,Simon Clark,Simon Fox (2),Charles Tumahai,Paul Jeffreys,Milton Reame-James,Ian Parkin,Nicholas Chatterton-Dew

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