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Pop Don't Stop - Greatest Hits - Kim Wilde

Pop Don't Stop - Greatest Hits

Kim Wilde  

Format: 5 CD, 2 DVD, 1 Box Set

Genre: pop

Barcode: 5013929442306


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English singer, author and television presenter, born 18 November 1960 in Chiswick, Middlesex, England, UK. Married to actor Hal Fowler and mother of Rose Fowler (2) and Harry Fowler (3). Daughter of Marty Wilde and sister of Ricky Wilde and Roxanne Wilde, and aunt of Scarlett Wilde.


CD1-1  The Second Time (7" Version)  03:47

CD1-2  Never Trust A Stranger (7" Version)  04:06

CD1-3  Million Miles Away (7" Version)  04:13

CD1-4  Another Step (Closer To You) (7" Version)  03:32

CD1-5  Heart Over Mind (7" Version)  03:48

CD1-6  Four Letter Word  04:05

CD1-7  Say You Really Want Me (7" Version)  04:04

CD1-8  Hey Mister Heartache (7" Version)  03:52

CD1-9  Rage To Love (7" Version)  03:51

CD1-10  Who Do You Think You Are (7" Version)  03:49

CD1-11  Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) (7" Version)  03:50

CD1-12  Breakin' Away  03:36

CD1-13  Time  04:09

CD1-14  Love Is Holy  04:05

CD1-15  If I Can't Have You  03:28

CD1-16  This I Swear (Radio Edit)  03:56

CD1-17  I Can't Say Goodbye (7" Version)  04:15

CD1-18  Love In The Natural Way  04:18

CD1-19  You Came (7" Version)  03:31

CD1-20  You Keep Me Hangin' On  04:18

CD2-1  Kids In America  03:31

CD2-2  Kandy Krush (Radio Edit)  02:53

CD2-3  Perfect Girl (Radio Edit)  03:20

CD2-4  Water On Glass (7" Version)  03:40

CD2-5  A Little Respect  03:26

CD2-6  View From A Bridge  03:34

CD2-7  Love Blonde (7" Version)  03:39

CD2-8  Together We Belong (Radio Edit)  03:49

CD2-9  Lights Down Low  03:04

CD2-10  Cambodia  03:58

CD2-11  Loved  03:33

CD2-12  Pop Don't Stop (Radio Edit)  02:58

CD2-13  Get Out  03:48

CD2-14  It's Alright (Radio Edit)  03:23

CD2-15  Birthday (Radio Edit)  02:51

CD2-16  Real Life  03:57

CD2-17  Chequered Love  03:24

CD2-18  Amoureux Des Rêves  03:49

CD2-19  Shine On  03:23

CD2-20  Numinous  04:03

CD2-21  You're My Karma  03:42

CD3-1  Bitter Is Better  03:46

CD3-2  Child Come Away  04:08

CD3-3  Dancing In The Dark  03:45

CD3-4  House Of Salome  03:37

CD3-5  The Touch (7" Version)  04:08

CD3-6  Schoolgirl  03:43

CD3-7  It's Here  03:33

CD3-8  World In Perfect Harmony  03:54

CD3-9  In My Life (7" Version)  03:31

CD3-10  Heaven (7" Version)  03:19

CD3-11  Shame (Radio Edit)  03:22

CD3-12  Born To Be Wild (Radio Edit)  03:25

CD3-13  Baby Obey Me  03:16

CD3-14  Sleeping Satellite (Radio Edit)  03:32

CD3-15  Spirit In The Sky  03:17

CD3-16  F U Kristmas!  02:57

CD4-1  Shane  03:45

CD4-2  Boys  03:16

CD4-3  Watching For Shapes  03:46

CD4-4  Just Another Guy  03:24

CD4-5  Back Seat Driver  03:35

CD4-6  Lovers On A Beach  04:04

CD4-7  Putty In Your Hands  03:13

CD4-8  Loving You  04:58

CD4-9  Hold Back  04:01

CD4-10  Tell Me Where You Are  03:12

CD4-11  Wotcha Gonna Do  04:04

CD4-12  Virtual World  04:43

CD4-13  Birthday Song  05:09

CD4-14  I've Found A Reason  04:08

CD4-15  Never Felt So Alive  04:35

CD4-16  Staying With My Baby  04:30

CD4-17  Snakes & Ladders  03:23

CD4-18  Carry Me Home  04:04

CD4-19  Party On The Brink  03:37

CD4-20  Addicted To You (Original Version)  03:37

CD5-1  Pop Don't Stop (The 12 Inch Remix)  05:58

CD5-2  Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) (Club Mix)  07:59

CD5-3  Millions Miles Away (Club Mix)  06:33

CD5-4  Cambodia (Paul Oakenfold Remix)  05:18

CD5-5  It's Alright (Groove Coverage Remix)  04:27

CD5-6  You Keep Me Hangin' On (WCH Club Mix)  06:27

CD5-7  Kandy Krush (Ricky W 12inch Remix)  05:36

CD5-8  Breakin' Away (T-Empo Vocal)  07:16

CD5-9  You Came (Tron Remix)  04:51

CD5-10  Perfect Girl (Ian Finch Elektrika Mix)  08:45

CD5-11  Birthday (Wilde Party Mix)  06:07

CD5-12  Kids In America '94 (X Cut Cut)  05:42

DVD1-1  Kids In America 

DVD1-2  Chequered Love 

DVD1-3  Water On Glass (On Top Of The Pops) 

DVD1-4  Cambodia 

DVD1-5  View From A Bridge 

DVD1-6  Child Come Away 

DVD1-7  Love Blonde 

DVD1-8  Dancing In The Dark 

DVD1-9  The Second Time 

DVD1-10  The Touch 

DVD1-11  Rage To Love 

DVD1-12  Schoolgirl 

DVD1-13  You Keep Me Hangin' On 

DVD1-14  Another Step (Closer To You) 

DVD1-15  Say You Really Want Me (Short Version) 

DVD1-16  Hey Mister Heartache 

DVD1-17  You Came 

DVD1-18  Never Trust A Stranger 

DVD1-19  Four Letter Word 

DVD1-20  Love In The Natural Way 

DVD1-21  It's Here 

DVD1-22  Time 

DVD2-1  Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) 

DVD2-2  Love Is Holy 

DVD2-3  Heart Over Mind 

DVD2-4  Who Do You Think You Are? 

DVD2-5  Million Miles Away 

DVD2-6  If I Can't Have You 

DVD2-7  In My Life 

DVD2-8  Kids In America ('94) 

DVD2-9  Breakin' Away 

DVD2-10  This I Swear 

DVD2-11  Shame 

DVD2-12  Born To Be Wild 

DVD2-13  You Came (2006) 

DVD2-14  Perfect Girl 

DVD2-15  Light Down Low 

DVD2-16  It's Alright 

DVD2-17  Sleeping Satellite 

DVD2-18  Pop Don't Stop 

DVD2-19  Kandy Krush 

DVD2-20  Birthday 

DVD2-21  Say You Really Want Me (The Video Remix) 

DVD2-22  You Came 2006 (In Bed With Kim Wilde Version) 

DVD2-23  Birthday (Wilde Party Mix) 

DVD2-24  Numinous 

DVD2-25  Shine On 

DVD2-26  2021 Interview  24:15

DVD2-27  Kim Reflects On The Videos  16:39







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