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Catch As Catch Can - Kim Wilde

Catch As Catch Can

Kim Wilde  

Format: 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 All Media

Genre: electronic, pop, rock, Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Barcode: 5013929441408

. catch can

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. catch can


English singer, author and television presenter, born 18 November 1960 in Chiswick, Middlesex, England, UK. Married to actor Hal Fowler and mother of Rose Fowler (2) and Harry Fowler (3). Daughter of Marty Wilde and sister of Ricky Wilde and Roxanne Wilde, and aunt of Scarlett Wilde.


CD1-1  House Of Salome  03:35

CD1-2  Back Street Joe  04:30

CD1-3  Stay Awhile  03:42

CD1-4  Love Blonde  04:06

CD1-5  Dream Sequence  06:11

CD1-6  Dancing In The Dark  03:43

CD1-7  Shoot To Disable  03:35

CD1-8  Can You Hear It  04:27

CD1-9  Sparks  04:07

CD1-10  Sing It Out For Love  03:37

CD1-11  Rain On  03:46

CD1-12  Back Street Driver  03:35

CD1-13  Love Blonde (7" Version)  03:35

CD1-14  Dancing In The Dark (RAK Mix)  03:39

CD1-15  Can You Hear It (7" Version)  04:19

CD1-16  Love Blonde (Extended Version)  05:01

CD1-17  Dancing In The Dark (Nile Rodgers Extended Version)  05:25

CD1-18  Dancing In The Dark (Instrumental)  03:40

CD1-19  Dancing In The Dark (Full Instrumental)  04:01

CD2-1  House Of Salome (Rough Mix)  03:38

CD2-2  Back Street Joe (Original Mix)  04:10

CD2-3  Stay Awhile (Rough Mix)  03:41

CD2-4  Dream Sequence (Instrumental Demo)  04:24

CD2-5  Dancing In The Dark (Rough Mix)  03:08

CD2-6  Shoot To Disable (Rough Mix)  04:06

CD2-7  Can You Hear It (Rough Mix)  04:19

CD2-8  Sparks (Rough Mix)  04:19

CD2-9  Sing It Out For Love (Rough Mix)  03:35

CD2-10  Sail On (Original Version)  03:52

CD2-11  Shoot To Disable (Original Mix)  03:22

CD2-12  House Of Salome (Instrumental)  03:32

CD2-13  Dream Sequence (In Reverse)  04:42

CD2-14  Love Blonde (Popfidelity Allstars Special Remix)  05:58

CD2-15  Sparks (Extended Edit)  08:06

CD2-16  Can You Hear It (Project K: Project Kim)  08:46

CD2-17  Love Blonde (Popfidelity Allstars Instrumental)  05:58

DVD-1  Love Blonde  03:31

DVD-2  Dancing In The Dark  03:51

DVD-3  Love Blonde (On Top Of The Pop – 1st Performance)  03:18

DVD-4  Love Blonde (On Top Of The Pop – 2nd Performance)  03:21

DVD-5  Dancing In The Dark (On Harty)  03:35

DVD-6  Dancing In The Dark (On Crackerjack)  03:16

DVD-7  The Very Best Of Kim Wilde (1984 TV Advert)  00:41



Vinyl, Cassette, CD


EMI, Columbia, 747, C.S, Jugoton, GL Golden, 2000 FruitGum Corp., AS , Team Records , King's, Oasis Records , Atlantic Records , Cherry Pop, Cherry Pop , RAK


Australia, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Europe, Yugoslavia, Australasia, Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong


1983, 1984, 2009, 2020


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