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Limbo - Clan Of Xymox

Format: 1 CD

Genre: electronic, rock, Darkwave, Goth Rock

Barcode: 4260063947391


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Originally formed in Holland in 1983 as Xymox, Clan of Xymox became one of the pioneers of the dark and moody electronic music that later became known as darkwave.

They shortened their name to Xymox again in 1988. The Xymox era ended in 1997 when, in the midst of a revival in the gothic scene, Ronny Moorings made the decision to restart Clan of Xymox and return to his musical roots. Since then, the band has released a series of critically acclaimed albums.


1  Brave New World  05:18

2  Lockdown  04:36

3  Big Brother  05:28

4  The Great Reset  05:14

5  Forgotten  05:09

6  Limbo  04:40

7  No Way Out  04:21

8  In Control  03:46

9  The Great Depression  04:28

10  The One Percent  03:52

11  Dystopia  05:11

12  How Long?  04:01







Ronny Moorings,Pieter Nooten,Mojca,Frank Weyzig,Willem van Antwerpen,Anke Wolbert,Rob Vonk,Nina Simic,Rui Ramos,Yvonne de Ray,Patrick van Alphen

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