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Online - Leibniz



Format: 1 Vinyl

Genre: electronic, House, Leftfield, Ambient, Techno

Barcode: 4260038316825




Co-Founder of the label hundert.

Leibniz is like all these tabs you have open in your browser for months, the ones which you sometimes forget about but then open arbitrarily one day to find some pretty nice surprises inside.

Like Moritz Paul’s debut release on Fourth Wave, in 2013 whose wonky house grooves greet you like the Facebook profile of an old friend you wanted to write a while ago because you felt like you two should totally catch up. Or his subsequent records for labels like Uncanny Valley’s shtum and Rat Life series or Ortloff from Leipzig, where he used to live before relocating to Berlin. They were all a bit rougher, more technoid even, but all very much influenced by what you can read about in that comprehensive history of the hardcore continuum that you’d stumbled upon a while back when you had that »phase« in which you said »massive« way too often.

Eventually, you will open this one YouTube tutorial for something Ableton-related and recognise the voice talking about drum beats - you’ve totally heard that one before. Perhaps on Leibniz’s »Online« EP, the first release on hundert, the label he co-founded in 2017 with his partners in crime from DJ bwin and DJ OK. They draw from exactly the kind of theoretical ramblings about the internet, modern life and interpersonal communication in this age that you usually click around 4am, but then can’t get yourself to read because life’s too complex as it is already, isn’t it? Meanwhile, Leibniz himself is sampling all those bits and pieces, these alien human voices and sound artefacts from around the web to draw connections between people and things. He’s a bit like that kooky guy who sends you links to extensive political commentary, always shortly after six in the morning for some reason. You appreciate that, though, because who else is so consistent like that these days?

But finally, there’s Leibniz’s Soundcloud profile in which you can get lost more easily than if it were a constant stream of tumblr memes. There’s his more belting live sets, there’s his slew of remixes for other artists, his many B2B sets with friends and family or some teasers for the Fier nights he puts on with the hundert and PH17 crews at Berlin’s ://about:blank club. It’s as if you’d incidentally beatmatched three different tracks that started automatically after you accidentally clicked them - it all comes together here, it all suddenly makes sense. And you know what - you could just leave those running and close all other tabs, get on with your life and maybe, finally, take that shower.


A1  Ur Qt 

A2  65bpm 

B1  Pizza 

B2  Strings On The Low 







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