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Pulsing Dot - Dafna Naphtali

Pulsing Dot

Dafna Naphtali  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: jazz, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz

Barcode: 4251243867479


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Dafna Naphtali, singer, sound artist/improviser and composer, comes from an eclectic background of music-making. In the early 90's she began studying classical voice and turned her attention to contemporary classical and experimental music. She performs and composes using her own custom Max/MSP programming for sound processing of voice and other instruments, appearing in venues and festivals in NY, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Israel and Russia and in 2010 to India.

She's collaborated on projects with Hans Tammen, Kathleen Supové, Lukas Ligeti, Alex Waterman. She is co-leader, with Kitty Brazelton, of the digital punk trio "What is is Like to Be a Bat?" (Tzadik CD 2003), and she was recently awarded a commission to write a vocal work for the vocal ensemble Magic Names (with Gisburg, Daisy Press, Nick Hallett, Peter Scisciolli and Robert Osborne), a group founded to champion the vocal work of Stockhausen.


1  Transmission  11:17

2  Surface Disturbances  09:56

3  Ozone Tongues  13:16

4  Elegy For Bones  05:32

5  Orbiter  12:05







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