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Phlegm As A Last Consequence - Ulcerous Phlegm

Phlegm As A Last Consequence

Ulcerous Phlegm  

Format: 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 All Media

Genre: rock, Death Metal, Grindcore, Goregrind

Barcode: 4059251101925


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Death Metal/Grindcore band from Höchstädt, Bavaria, Germany. Formed in 1989, no longer active.


A1  Sick Evolution  05:19

A2  Godless  03:43

A3  The Day Man Lost (Carnage)  01:26

A4  Illusions  02:52

A5  Do It Yourself  00:09

A6  Learn From The Mistakes  00:15

A7  Consequence  01:11

A8  Decay Of Personality  01:34

A9  R.E.P.  00:06

A10  The Meaning Of Life  00:16

A11  Death Wish  01:23

A12  Devil In Disguise  00:09

A13  Things …  00:10

A14  Dark Half  00:19

A15  Young Urban Death  00:29

B1  Suffering For Our Prosperity  04:04

B2  Looking For Answers  01:51

B3  Noise Session With Watschi / Belching Beet  01:02

B4  Decay Of Personality / Illusions  04:20

B5  The Day Man Lost (Carnage)  01:26

B6  Death With  01:17

B7  Consequence  01:43

B8  Make-Up Your Mind  05:19

C1  Consequence 

C2  Consequence 

C3  Consequence 

C4  Consequence 

C5  Consequence 

C6  Consequence 

C7  Consequence 

C8  Consequence 

C9  Consequence 

C10  Consequence 

C11  Consequence 

C12  Consequence 

C13  Consequence 

C14  Consequence 

C15  Consequence 

C16  Consequence 

C17  Consequence 

C18  Consequence 

C19  Consequence 

C20  Consequence 

C21  Consequence 

C22  Consequence 

D1  Consequence 

D2  Consequence 

D3  Consequence 

D4  Consequence 

D5  Consequence 

D6  Consequence 

D7  Consequence 

D8  Consequence 

D9  Consequence 

D10  Consequence 

D11  Consequence 

D12  Consequence 

D13  Consequence 

D14  Consequence 

D15  Consequence 

D16  Consequence 

D17  Consequence 

D18  Consequence 

D19  Consequence 

D20  Consequence 

D21  Consequence 



Vinyl, CDr, Cassette, CD


Grindfather Productions, Power It Up


Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


2015, 2017


Bernd Spring,Kresó,Max (112)

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